Consumers Want Digital Utility, Not Advertising

More than two-thirds of consumers who use the internet have used it to research package-goods products, according to a new survey by Prospectiv, a firm that provides online customer leads for marketers.
Of the consumers who use the internet to research package-goods brands (48%) do so primarily to get product information. Another 46% use the internet to seek savings or coupons, while 6% are primarily looking for tips on how to use the product.
[via Ad Age]

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  1. David: Any thoughts on what sort of “product information” one could want about most packaged goods?
    What’s the ideal amount of Crest to squeeze onto your toothbrush?
    Should you keep the open jar of Ragu in the fridge?
    I wonder how many of them are going to see if there are reviews of the product or more specifically, product extensions (e.g. CitrusLimeRaspberry Mint Crest)

  2. I’m much more inclined to offer a form of infotainment, but I just sat through a focus group that mirrored the findings above. Of course, consumers don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say.