Congrats To The Via Agency

Yesterday I declared, “W+K is in Portland, but not of Portland.” Imagine my surprise this morning upon seeing the following declaration on The Via Agency’s site…

The Via Agency, of course, is located in Portland, Maine. It’s also, as of last night’s awards ceremony in Denver, Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year.

Ad Age reports on Via’s recent success:

One of its most daunting challenges this year was helping Samsung launch its Galaxy Tab. Five weeks from launch, the marketer had no creative — so it turned to Via. With the help of a campaign involving TV, home-page takeovers, social-media efforts and more, Samsung sold 3 million pads. Those sorts of results led the agency to grow by more than 20% in 2011, adding 22 new brands to the roster with a revenue mix of 60% digital, 30% traditional and 10% marketing consulting.

Sell lots of stuff. Win new business. That’s the golden rule.

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  1. Portland, Oregon

    Portland, Maine

    Both remote corners of the country, right?