Coming To An Agency Near You: The Four-Headed Creative

Anne Benvenuto is executive vice president of strategic services at R/GA. In the May 2007 issue of Admap Magazine she wrote an article called “Planning: the challenge of complexity” which introduces her concept of the creative hydra and other new media challenges.

The creative hydra was born when a few new roles were grafted on to the traditional copywriter-art director team to help conceive programmes and experiences. These included the technical creative director (“tech lead”) and the interaction designer (also known as the interaction designer).

Benvenuto’s point is that planners must learn to manage the complexities of the new media marketplace if their agencies are going to deliver more than just communications.
[via Vincent Thomé]

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  1. emporernaked says:

    Nothing a lot of creatives already don’t do. Sounds like people are just trying to make themselves relevant.