College Students Are All Thumbs

eROI is out with a new study that makes it clear how important the mobile phone is to today’s college students.
From what I’ve seen, pulling together a text messaging program is no simple task (it has to work across multiple platforms and generally takes months of planning). Yet, do we have much choice if our clients wish to speak to America’s future leaders?

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  1. I’m curious where actual phone conversation fits into this diagram…

  2. Good question, Rob. Also wonder if “preferred method of communicating” with friends/parents would necessarily apply to advertisers.
    I’m not a big texter, but finding out how the exam went or where the party is tonight or what time your significant other needs you to pick her up is a an entirely different kind of communicating.
    Then again, maybe it doesn’t matter. I mean, telemarketing is annoying as hell, yet there still seem to be plenty of companies using it to make money. Guess there’s no reason “textmarketers” can’t join in the fun. You know, before joining the telemarketers in hell. 🙂

  3. Rob:
    I authored the study and we only focused on Online methods of communications, we did not take phone, direct mail, etc. into consideration for this study as it was only directed to “How students communicate Online.”
    eROI, Inc.