Cloud-based Video Bridging – Brings Teams Together From More Locations

shutterstock_171192248In this growing global economy, it’s common for employees, vendors and consultants who are working on a single project to be scattered across the globe. Contract employees who work virtually, as well as those who regularly telecommute, are also on the rise. Employers have begun to realize that allowing employees to work from home actually encourages them to put in more hours and usually makes them more productive. However, the inability for people to congregate and exchange information inside a brick-and-mortar office presents unique challenges that previous generations did not have to overcome. Video conferencing allows for a simulated person-to-person experience. Even though there are numerous methods of achieving this, they all compete, which means until Blue Jeans cloud-based video bridging emerged, none of the services worked with each other. Now that this new technology has taken center stage, teams are being brought together from more locations than ever for collaboration. Here’s five ways that cloud-based video bridging makes it easier for people to get together.

1. It Provides Global Coverage

It allows people from every corner of the globe to join up for meetings and brain-storming sessions. A contractor in Tokyo working with a technician in New York who is overseen by a development team in Los Angeles can all work in conjunction with each other. Considering the costs of flights, hotels, visas and more, getting a team together for an in person meeting is well outside of a smaller company’s budget. Cloud-based video bridging does away with the distance and brings together a team as many times and they need, as often as they need, at a fraction of the cost of actual travel. It also allows employees to resume their work quicker, since there’s no need to travel.

2. Everyone Can Join In

While traditional video conferencing systems are beneficial, they’re also limited in that they don’t work together. Regardless of the complexity of the system, users are tied down to using the same software, hardware and devices. The cloud-based system frees people to use whichever video conferencing tools are available to them, so a group of managers in a specially-designed video conference room can communicate with a CEO using his smart phone while in transit, and they can invite a sales rep who is working from home on his laptop to the meeting as well. As long as the attendee has an internet connection, a commonly-used browser and a webcam, he or she can join in the video conference. Blue Jeans cloud-based video bridging allows someone who doesn’t have those things needs to be present, he or she can use a landline or mobile phone to participate with only audio. The system is fully compatible with most video conferencing platforms on the market, yet even without special software, anyone, anywhere can participate.

3. It Delivers Instant Data Sharing

It can also provide instant sharing of files, videos and more. Cloud-based video bridging lets meeting participants synchronously watch streamed video and receive files for real-time responses and collaboration. This makes it easy to determine when a potential customer is engaged by a sales presentation, because his reaction to the video can be seen as it plays. There are multiple applications where this is not only beneficial, but essential for proper and effective communication. No other platform allows reactions to material and data to be seen as it’s received. It’s like being right there with your audience. Moreover, the rich media can be uploaded beforehand to allow for easier deployment during the session.

4. It’s Easy and Maintenance-Free to Use

The cloud-based system also removes the need for a technical team, additional servers or special equipment. Because everything is managed externally, participants and organizers alike need only to arrive on time. There’s no set up, uploads, downloads or waiting for a system to let people in. This allows attendees to join in and begin the collaboration immediately, regardless of where they are or what device they’re on.

5. It Never Needs a Manual Update

Another unique thing about the cloud system is that it automatically updates. This means that everyone will be on the same version every time, allowing for total compatibility and easier communication. Moreover, as new features are developed, they can be added in without any effort from the user. They’re simply available the next time the service is deployed. Other products require frequent software updates that can delay meetings or crash systems. With this new technology there’s effortless connectivity, which provides faster start-times and fewer delays so the team can focus on the discussion at hand.

Technology can be wonderful or it can be immensely frustrating, full of glitches and lags. Blue Jeans cloud-based video bridging seamlessly brings more teams together from more locations, regardless of devices or software. This allows for faster, simpler and more unified collaboration, which is essential for companies who want to compete in today’s global economy.




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