Clip, Redeem and Save More Than Money

A few days ago I was wondering about P&G’s FSIs and what, if anything, they had to do with content. In order to extend the dialogue on this topic, High Jive kindly clipped the following images from yesterday’s paper and sent them AdPulp’s way.
Here’s what High Jive is saying about these content-infused FSIs:

P&G has been taking a “magalog” approach to their FSIs, attempting to make them feel like brochures. I know some people at Upshot in Chicago, one of the agencies where these things are produced. I have no idea if the public even reads or notices the “branded content,” as I suspect more people are only interested in clipping the coupons. Not even sure it’s right to call it “branded content.”

I’d call it “cause-related marketing” before I’d go to the “branded content” phraseology. Either way, it’s more than a simple price pitch.

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  1. a tad jarring in that the campaign looks like you’re ‘buying’ people with coupons.

  2. Ha!
    There have been other packets discussing topics like support of Special Olympics, and I think some have simply discussed general things like spring cleaning.

  3. One more thing: my observations are purely personal. I have no insight to the actual tactics, strategies and rationales behind this stuff. Only noticed it via the Sunday newspapers.