Click Cups, Become Friends On Facebook

In an industry starving for innovation, some wild ideas will be thrown at the wall. Some of them will even stick, before sliding down and out of view.

Quick, look at this idea — a smart beer cup connected to your Facebook account — for it too may slide from view.

Chris Matyszczyk writing for CNET says:

I am sure that some will be vastly entertained by waking up after a night when they got truly toasted to discover how many people they truly toasted.

Awkward though it seems at first glance, there is something here that I like. Budweiser is making an effort to be useful, and that I salute. Although, I do question the need for this particular application of technology, and I wonder if Twitter isn’t a better platform for it, given that following behavior on Twitter is “promiscuous,” and better suited to “meeting and greeting.”

Hat Tip: Taplister

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