C-K ECD Gets Bumped Up To CCO

Lewis Lazare is curious about the promotion of one of Chicago’s top creatives.

Marshall Ross, longtime executive creative director at Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago, has been upped to chief creative officer overseeing creative units in C-K’s Chicago, Milwaukee, Phoenix and Orlando, Fla., offices, but, oddly enough, not C-K’s New York office, headed by Dean Stefanides and Larry Hampel. At least one source questioned whether Ross’ promotion was indeed that, or an attempt to move him up and out of control of the agency’s flagship Chicago office. “Good creative directors are there on the job day in and day out,” the source said. “They’re giving Ross an impossible job, and then they’ll have an excuse to kick him out when it doesn’t go well.” C-K CEO Peter Krivkovich said the promotion “represents the complete confidence I have in Marshall’s talent, ability and leadership.”

Don’t you just love anonymous sources?

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  1. Lazare (aka LL Cool Journalist) seems to enjoy conspiracy theories, often seeking to generate intrigue for stories most folks don’t give a shit about.