Civic Pride Expressed

Is your city also a brand? If so, has the brand been spit-polished of late?
According to USA TODAY, “destination branding is back in vogue as cities and states pursue image makeovers designed to help them stand out in the weak global economy, attract visitors and even lure people who might relocate.”
“The branding bug is definitely on the ascent,” says Ted Levine, chairman of Development Counsellors International, which works with cities in promoting tourism and economic development.
Among those that have launched rebranding efforts in recent years or are considering new campaigns, according to branding consultants: Fresno; Santa Rosa, Calif.; Providence; the state of Virginia; Beaverton, Ore.; North Port, Fla.; Peekskill, N.Y.; Los Alamos, N.M.; Fairbanks, Alaska; Cleveland; Dayton; and the state of Florida.
Of course, not everyone’s a fan of spending money on these kind of efforts. Here’s a spoof that’s gone viral:

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