Cinematographers Drink Guiness

According to Adfreak, AMV BBDO didn’t take many short cuts for this new Guinness ad, called “World,” which breaks today in the U.K. The agency shot in four countries (New Zealand, Canada, Fiji and the U.K.); took three months to build the set for the underwater scene; got army assistance to film the grass-hauling shots at an old bombing range; and hired the set designer from the third Lord of the Rings film to pull it all together.

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  1. Not one woman in the whole ad.

  2. Nancy Krabbenhoeft says:

    That was my first reaction. And then I watched if there was anything but brute strength in the commercial.
    You can go back and watch it for tools.
    Simple machines included the lever, wedge, inclined plane, pulley,etc. All six of those things are there.
    Funny man, machine, and daily work, because just the other day I had to lift a european style dryer atop a washer. A fifty year old woman, I am. I knew I could not do it with brute strength because i had seen my twenty year old son already struggle doing such. I used a simple machine to help me since there weren’t any men around to help me. I might think that woman may have been the chimps who invented those things because when a man just did it, a woman could not. She probably mustered up the courage and brawn but it wasn’t enough so she used her brain. And there you have the key to evolution.
    A woman who forgot about saying “I cannot” and thought about saying “how or why can I not?” a woman with a good figurin’ mind.
    I don’t drink beer. Maybe that has affected my mind. Call me new guage. I drink green tea.
    On a side note, there are two or three very, very handsome men in there.

  3. Nancy Krabbenhoeft says:

    Also Elise, i do not know if you checked the sex of the Coccinella.
    Was it honorary placement of the common or is it the harlequin, pumpkin ladybird?

  4. Nancy Krabbenhoeft says:

    Adpulp readers
    I am probably giving this site a million hits with this next recipe because it is so fine. Problem is I would not try it with any pig raised in confines. It would be the rare swine that was still okay after being trapped and cornered with no way out but over processed pork like in the movie BABE. It isn’t even meant to be funny. It is purely educational because lots of the people, especially young people, in America do not know what brawn is. It has two meanings.
    Brawn is muscle.
    Brawn in the Welsh tradition is head cheese in the American pioneer tradition. Here is a recipe I got off the web for such. Farmer wives tradition:
    Clean a pigs head and soak in brine for a few days. Before using, wash in clean cold water. Boil until the meat drops from the bone. Strain and reserve this stock in which the head was cooked. In a separate saucepan cook the pigs liver, heart and tongue, until very tender. Strain and add this second stock to the first reserved stock; add to it 6 black peppercorns, and an equal number of whole cloves, and boil until it is reduced to one pint. Strain again, add 1 cupful of good vinegar and reheat.
    In the meantime, chop the meat or put it through a mincer, add seasoning of chopped onions or sage if desired. Add salt and pepper if needed. Pack into stone crocks, pour the stock over it, cover with a plate, weight down well, cover with a cloth and set aside for a week before using.
    Now it is time for me to go have lunch. It will not be pork.

  5. What’s up Nancy? Tired of tormenting old George?

  6. tormentoring?
    up is NOT much. Still unemployed that i am not actively putting in applications anywhere anymore. I’ve taken to suggestions in suggestion boxes near my residence instead of blogging. Money would be nice, but if I can’t get that at least a couple of very sincere smiles from a person earning a mere dollar or two because i helped them out is the next best thing.
    up IS my age. i am older and i am happier on at least one front due to some time spent near the lakeshore. Even with winter coming soon, I look forward to some time on the shores. Perhaps that is what made me look a few times at this film. There is something very invigorating about walking through a deep snowy forest, up steep inclines, and coming upon miles of sandy beach with the rhythm of the waves that makes me think i belong to the beach and not the business world.