Christopher Carfi Gets Real

Christopher Carfi has this to say about Real Networks: “How does a company that brutalizes customers, ruins desktops, forces actions, and bombards users with phony upgrade messages stay around?
I personally have given up, written off, and completely exorcised Real from my online existence. The only time within recent memory that I’ve interacted with them in any fashion was during the 2004 debates, where I signed up for the two week trial of their service in order to get full streaming video of the coverage. I too despise them for having intrusive, overweight, and altogether clumsy products and services. (Full disclosure: I watched the debate and then cancelled that same night.)”
Couldn’t have said it better myself. Way to throw down the gauntlet Mr. Carfi.

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  1. From the “giving credit where credit is due” department, the inital “brutalizes customers” rant was from a comment by Jay Rosen.
    Since that post originally went up, much work has been done in the background to dig into the sordid underbelly of Real. Details are being pulled together for a follow-up rant, which will go up next week sometime, Murphy willing. Watch this space.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I won’t let Real onto my PC after past experience – my own and reports of others’.