Chitown Still A Bit Chilly

Sun Times ad columnist, Lewis Lazare, takes the temperature of the Chicago ad scene. He says the “business stabilized last year, after a couple of truly traumatic years.”
He also says Draft/FCB isn’t asserting itself and he wonders if it ever will.
Here’s his take on JWT:

JWT/Chicago is perhaps the biggest mystery. It nearly was wiped out last spring when Kraft pulled more than $170 million worth of business from the shop. Top management was fired, and the search was said to be on for new leaders. But so far none has materialized.

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  1. lewis is probably upset because there are fewer sources to buy him lunch and drinks.

  2. Grammar Nazi says:

    That, and his grammar is going to hell.
    Shouldn’t that last line read “but so far none HAVE materialized.” In reference to the plural “leaders”?
    Perhaps he he has other things on his mind, like free happy hour dogs in a blanket and dollar Bud’s?

  3. Um, Grammar Nazi, your commentary was rife with typos and errors as well. Better use your spell-check skills, mein freund.

  4. Schrodinger's Copywriter says:

    Lazare doesn’t even mention Energy BBDO. Being that they produce some of Chi-town’s best/most awarded work, and won new business this year, this seems a grave error.
    Did not repeat his earlier comment that Ortiz left Leo because “his broken English wasn’t going over well.” I wonder if that was true or not. If it is true, people at Leo need a swift kick in the apples.