Chicago Broadcasters Find A Sponsor in L.L. Bean

Phil Rosenthal of Chicago Tribune reports that L.L. Bean is trading WGN-Ch. 9 sportswear in return for exposure on the channel.

Label it what you will: If you wonder why some reporters at Chicago Tribune parent Tribune Co.’s WGN-Ch. 9 might be seen wearing jackets with both the station’s logo and that of L.L. Bean, it’s because the station has a barter arrangement with the outfitter.
A newscast credit shown at the end of each week will note the retailer’s contribution.
Channel 9 news boss Greg Caputo said he saw nothing wrong with the arrangement, saying the station provides personnel with the outerwear but has no requirement that anyone wear it. Staffers also are free to cover up the L.L. Bean logo if they choose.

Media companies are so touchy about brands buying influence. Yet, that’s what brands do.
Speaking for AdPulp here, we’d be happy to accept branded merchandise of L.L. Bean-quality, or above, in return for credit and/or exposure on the site.
In related news, here’s a good look inside the L.L. Bean operation:

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