Check In At Pepsi-Friendly Restaurants, Score Free Songs

PepsiCo is partnering with Foursquare to bring bringing location-based communications to life across all of the company’s beverage brands.

Pepsi Loot is an iPhone app that shows a map of nearby restaurants that serve Pepsi beverages, called Pop Spots, along with information about the Pop Spot such as address, cuisine type and introductions to the restaurant’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
Margery Schelling, chief marketing officer for PepsiCo Foodservice, said, “The app creates awareness and drives traffic to restaurants that serve Pepsi and serves as a vehicle to deliver customized offers.”
Once the consumer has arrived at a Pop Spot, the geo-location technology of the iPhone enables the consumer to “check in” to earn Loot. After the first check-in, and every three check-ins thereafter, the consumer earns a free digital song download at the Pepsi Loot Store,, which has over 250,000 songs from a catalog of chart-topping artists.
To see not very well done promos from some of the featured bands, visit the product’s YouTube page.

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  1. Pepsi has partnered with Foursquare — just not for this abomination of an app.

    [Foursquare Director of Business Development Tristan Walker] indicates that Foursquare isn’t involved with the Pepsi Loot app, and that it will instead focus on the convenience stores and retailers — as opposed to the restaurants — who sell Pepsi products.

  2. @Chris – Thanks for straightening us/this out.