Charli Hoffmann and Alex Otis Make A Cute Couple, I Mean Team

It’s tough to get a job in advertising today. Same as it ever was.

In their effort to land jobs, Charli Hoffmann and Alex Otis, students from the Miami Ad School in Brooklyn, opted to play the immigration card and the same sex marriage card at the same time (even though they are straight).

Charli is German and on October 9th her visa will expire unless she gets hired or married.

Alex is an American and doesn’t want her partner to leave.

The duo have sent out “Save the Dates” to many New York City advertising agencies kindly requesting they put a stop to this reluctant union; by offering the team a job and Charli a work visa.

This isn’t packing yourself in a wood crate and having yourself delivered to Deutsch’s door, but it may be the next best thing.

What do you make of this stunt? Does it make you say, “damn it, these ladies are creative?”

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  1. No, it’s not very creative. If you want people to hire you,
    show your outstanding portfolio. In this day and age, where jobs are
    increasingly scarce, it’s actually pretty obscene for a foreigner to request a
    favor. What would the response be if the German chick were actually from, say,
    Mexico? Additionally, a work visa is not as easy as you might think. It’s
    essentially indentured servitude, binding the foreigner to a company for many