CEO in the Spotlight: Gina Bianchini

Gina Bianchini is an appealing spokesperson for social networking. The Stanford MBA and former financial analyst at Goldman, Sachs is now working with Netscape founder Marc Andreessen on Ning, a service provider that enables one to build soc nets around any interest.
So far, 170,000 people or groups have chosen to do so.
Here’s the one that motivated me to join.

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  1. sees in the dark says:

    That’s why everything this lady does from now on every STONER on this hemisphere is out to make this lady broke!! She mght as well pack up evetything and move back to europe were she belongs she and her so-call co’s are not wanted nor welcome on these lands go home GINA every INDAIN is out to break you and MARC you will be poor before this year is finished. The united tribe of this world.

  2. I don’t know WHAT the first poster is writing about. I’m still trying to absorb the impact of the whole social networking revolution but I say “bravo” and keep up the good work to anyone who is innovating nowadays. With how bad the economy has gotten, we need the jobs that will come from new thinking and new “inventions.” So I say right on!