Cavemen Battle Stereotypes In Prime Time

I watched the debut of Cavemen last night on ABC. I kept waiting for a Geico commercial to air, but no. How can Geico not buy air time on this show?

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  1. Carl LaFong says:

    “How can Geico not buy air time on this show?”
    Considering the negative buzz and near universal pans the sitcom has generated, Geico may have decided to discreetly distance themselves from what could well be the next “Homeboys In Outer Space.”
    Which begs the question: If the fallout from the show’s (potential) failure is sufficiently radioactive, will it damage the ongoing caveman campaign?
    David, you saw the show. What did you think? Was it really as bad as initial reports seem to indicate?
    (I would’ve watched it myself, but I was too busy kicking back shots of Drano.)

  2. I don’t watch sitcoms, so I’m far from qualified to judge. However, I thought it was funny in spots. The dialogue is pretty tight. Don’t know if that’s Martin’s doing, or Hollywood’s.

  3. ed kishinevsky says:

    I liked the show. I thought it and the carpool show were a great pair for an hour of mantv, as abc has packaged.
    We’re all such haters now.
    I don’t usually watch TV that much, except for live sports or news, but thought the two sitcoms together were like old time TV. when networks bought shows that cost money to produce like Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, etc. and that had writing in it.
    I’d like to see the reality pendulum swing back – I find it incredibly annoying, and hurt that the public watches so much crap.
    I prefer real actors to make me nauseous.