Cattlemen Bring Beef To Supreme Court

from Indianapolis Star: A food fight broke out at the Supreme Court on Wednesday, with justices considering whether the government can force ranchers and farmers to pay for ad campaigns with catchy phrases like Beef: It’s what’s for dinner” and billboards featuring milk mustaches on celebrities.
Farmers are challenging the multimillion-dollar beef promotion program, saying they shouldn’t have to pay for ads they disagree with. The eventual ruling could jeopardize more than 100 federal and state campaigns for other products.
Beef producers are required to pay a $1-per-head fee on cattle sold in the United States, which generates more than $80 million a year for ads, research and educational programs. Federal officials oversee how the money is spent.
Producers get back $5.67 for every dollar they contribute in increased prices because of the program, supporters contend.

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  1. Fascinating. I wonder what evidence will be produced to support that $5 dollar return estimate? I wonder whether it would stand up to legal scrutiny.