Catharine P. Taylor’s interview with 4As CEO Nancy Hill

Hi folks. I know David Burn said I’d be posting on here, and I’m finally doing it. Though I sincerely doubt anyone has been checking their AdPulp RSS Feed to see when Cathy Taylor was finally going to start doing some posting here, the moment is at hand, and, I admit, for this week anyway, it’s blatantly self-promotional. So here’s the topic: I got a call late last week from the 4As, seeing if I wanted to do an interview with incoming president-CEO Nancy Hill. My first thought in these instances is that they must have forgotten that I’m no longer at Adweek, but, then again, I know the 4As PR person Kipp Cheng well, so that wasn’t the case. Turns out that Hill wanted to include the blogosphere in the press tour, and so the 4As reached out to me. You can read her comments over at my blog. I promise not to be so self-promotional next week and enjoy the opportunity to post for a broader audience.