The More Appealing the Core Offering, The Easier It Is To Promote

LA Times is running a story about the Navy upgrading its housing for junior officers in San Diego, Jacksonville and Norfolk. To boost morale and reenlistment rates, the Navy and a private development firm have opened the first phase of Pacific Beacon, a $322-million high-rise housing project at Naval Base San Diego. Four 18-story towers […]

In Need of Head Space And Some for the Body Too

I’m about to head up the street to check out a coworking space on Fremont. Given that activity, I couldn’t have picked a better time to stumble upon this meditation on open work space from Tim Siedell of Fusebox. Understand that it’s not for everyone. Make sure you recruit accordingly. In our experience, the best […]

Table It

When you work in advertising you sit at a lot of conference room tables. But what do these tables say about the organization in question? According to Ruth Haag, president and CEO of a hazardous-waste consulting firm, the tables say a great deal. • A round table hampers decisions. • A long, thin table encourages […]

To The City Goes AOL

According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), Time Warner Inc. said its AOL unit will move its corporate headquarters to New York City from Dulles, Va., and combine its various advertising business into a new subsidiary. The new entity will also include AOL’s unit, which buys ad banners on thousands of Web […]

How’s Your Audio Quality?

Tom Asacker shares an interesting piece on the state of quiet. I just returned from a speech at the Wynn in Las Vegas, and while there I was struck by something. Actually, I was surprised by an absence of something: noise. I really didn’t hear any clanging coins, dissonant bells, or spinning WHEELS . . […]

Commonality Is Key

“Offices need the sort of social milieu that Jane Jacobs found on the sidewalks of the West Village.” –Malcolm Gladwell I’m intrigued by the number of independent professionals who are adopting the idea of coworking. Maybe I’ll do it myself one day. Thus, I was glad to stumble upon this resource. While there seem to […]

Take A Peek Inside

Advertising Lab points to a new blog named for a Talking Heads’ song. Ain’t No Disco “invites agencies from across the world to show their inner sanctums.” Whilst our main focus is to showcase these interiors we also hope that this site will act as a good resource for seeking agencies of different specialties across […]

The Art of Work

I enjoy creative nonfiction that explores the work we choose to do and the various conflicts therein. Scott Partee works for the U.N. in Vienna. Here’s how he describes it: I just finished crawling around in a rat hole while wearing a suit to lay down some network infrastructure for some highly confidential nuclear nonproliferation […]

Remote Locations Difficult To Manage

Network World reports on the difficulties faced by offsite workers and their managers. IBM’s efforts to create a flexible work environment have been so successful that 40% of its 330,000 employees work from home, on the road, or at a client location on any given day. But a few years ago, the company realized that […]

Workspaces Are Key To Productivity

New York Times is running a story on college presidents with blogs. But I’m more interested in this woman’s desk.