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Send Someone A Coke-Sponsored Holiday Video

Coca-Cola has developed a holiday greeting campaign on YouTube. At YouTube and The Coca-Cola Company, happiness is our daily mission. That’s why we’ve created the Holiday Wishcast. No matter what you celebrate, holidays are about sharing happiness with friends and family. [via Adverblog] Share

How Long Before Your Client Asks For A Flog?

Online Media Daily reports that Sony released a statement yesterday acknowledging that their alliwantforxmasisapsp.com blog was phony. They have yet to admit how lame the stunt was. What I always wonder in these situations is where was the agency’s head? Was it their idea? Did they counsel vigorously against it? The article brings to light […]

P&G Goes Viral

The New York Times takes a closer look at P&G’s increasing embrance of viral videos that venture into subjects that the marketer wouldn’t have previously embraced, like one that discusses menstrual cramps: The campaign started with small classified ads in newspapers around the country, which all carried the same eye-catching headline, “Men: Are You Suffering […]

Proof That $200 In Linkbait Works

Gaebler Ventures is a business incubator and holding company with an emphasis on seed-stage and early-stage investments. The Chicago-based partnership has invested in companies since 1999 and has established numerous innovative and market-leading enterprises. Which is all fine and good, but what will surely be of even more interest to AdPulpers everywhere is the fact […]

Starbucks Pays It Forward

Advertsing Age looks at a coffee giant’s random acts of kindness. Don’t be surprised if sometime between now and Christmas a stranger gives you lift tickets in Denver, skating passes in Toronto or even free parking at a Michigan hospital. They’re certainly not your typical holiday-stocking stuffers, but Starbucks is using such happy acts to […]

Free Burritos For Life

When customers enter a Moe’s, they are greeted by a chorus of, “Welcome to Moe’s!” by the friendly burrito-making staff. Customer engagement is built in to this brand’s DNA. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see them ask for consumer generated videos. There’s also a promotional aspect to this campaign. Winning video directors will be able […]

Social Ethnographer Calculates You Tube’s Worth

Tom Asakcer recommends this video spoofing Google’s latest high-dollar acquisition. I love the line from one of the actors, “Wow, I’ve been using YouTube for like four months and I had no idea these were videos. I thought they were pictures. This is great.” Share

Faux 80s Rockers Shill For Symantec

Symantec is using a Spinal Tap-like viral video to say, “Don’t let Internet fraud rock your world.” [via Random Culture] Share

Find The Viral Strand In The Brand’s DNA (Or Don’t Do A Viral)

From Ad Age: How much buzz does it take to sell Milwaukee’s Best? Apparently a lot more than 3 million hits on YouTube and 197 blog mentions. Proving that viral sensations don’t always immediately translate into sensational sales, the bargain beer’s video of its “Beer Cannon” that fires cans of Milwaukee’s Best Light to destroy […]