Advertainment At Every Click

Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee calls the above episode of Roommates a bad commercial. We’ve talked before about what role product placement should play in web video, and how web video is turning into a shill game. But this makes the massive product placement in Kate Modern look like PBS. I’m no hippie. I get and […]

QVC on Viagra

click image to play What is Honeyshed? Andrew Essex, CEO at Droga5 told Adweek last spring, “It’s based on the idea that people love brands and don’t mind being sold to if it’s completely transparent. We like to say honey is the content and the shed is the community.” Publicis Groupe’s stake in the company […]

Baby On The Offensive

JWT France has people excited about Wilkinson shaving products. The reason is Fight for Kisses, a strangely Freudian video with a microsite and gaming element. [via Gavin Heaton and Craphammer] Share

No Time To Read Ad Age? No Problem.


Go Bears!

UC Berkeley is making entire course lectures and special events available, free of charge, on YouTube. This move strikes me as an interesting way to get the Berkeley brand out there. I’m not sure who watches these vids, but I would think they’re useful to prospective students. Even for the non-prospect, these free offerings still […]

More Minneapolis Mayhem

Erbert & Gerbert’s Human Flip Book was created by Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis. Erbert & Gerbert’s is a quirky sandwich shop with 46 Midwest locations. Share

100 Candles for Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is promoting its 100th anniversary via a video on YouTube. Neiman executives told Ad Age it’s an unorthodox move, but they think there’s a place for their luxury brand on the video-sharing site. “Like with anything, you hear people in meetings say, ‘Did you see the thing on YouTube?’” said Ginger Reeder, VP-corporate […]

A Little Video Sizzle

Emeryville, Calif. internet video house, Turn Here, is capitalizing on the amazing growth of the new medium. The company, which provides “high quality low-cost internet videos,” has 803 samples in several categories on YouTube, including the one above, which sells real estate and a hip SE Portland neighborhood at the same time. In related news, […]

Dooce Shoots Video. Bloatosphere Is Receptive Once More.

Not to be outdone, Holly Burns is also doing the Vimeo thing all of a sudden. Maybe typing is getting old. Share

No Need To Read Blogs Any Longer (Someone Perky Will Do It For You)

[via Fred Wilson] Share