Will Make Web Video For Food

According to San Francisco Chronicle, popular web video series like “Break a Leg,” are not being shown the money. Even with a YouTube partnership, contest winnings from Internet video clearinghouse Metacafe and other recognitions, “Break a Leg” has grossed about $2,500 for two years’ work. This is a show with an average monthly viewership of […]

Hands On The Wheel

The video above shows five different driving instructors going ballistic on a kid who won’t stop talking on his cell phone. But what’s simply funny to some is actually part of a new interactive marketing strategy from Parrot, a European-based bluetooth technology company. According to Feed Company, the video was designed by Parrot’s agency GroundZero […]

Make Your Own Vids. Sell Your Own Ads.

According to Ad Age, content producers and the world’s most popular video site are working together to become more successful. Professional content producers — those who come equipped with their own ad-sales teams — are now able to sell advertising on their YouTube channels. That includes the click-to-expand overlays that run across the bottoms of […]

It’s Impressive, Right?

Stuart Elliott points to Coors Light’s efforts to reach beer drinkers on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. When it comes to the new media, “Everyone, particularly in offline businesses like ours, is still in a very experimental phase,” Andy England, chief marketing officer at Coors Brewing, said. “We, along with our agencies, are trying to learn […]

…And Action

Are you hip to Fast Company’s move into consumer-generated video? Actually, I hesitate to call it that. Is Scoble a consumer? What about Shel Israel? They’re not Directors of Photography, that’s for sure. Maybe it should simply be called DIY video. For some strong opinions on this venture, click over to Loren Feldman’s video rants.

A Beer, Some Nachos and Highly Targeted “TV”

According to Ad Age, Molson-Coors and Diageo are pouring Canadian ad dollars into a fledgling video network that broadcasts directly to bars. The Bar Channel broadcasts programming via closed-circuit internet to subscriber bars. Bar Channel’s offerings include short clips of bloopers, extreme sports, scantily clad women and other standard bar fare, set inside a rail […]

Geekdom’s Roving Reporter @ NewTeeVee Live

This conference happened last November, but I’m just catching Irina Slutsky’s video coverage now. It’s good stuff.

Reality’s Place in Marketing

The New York Times is looking at the rise of “off-air reporters” armed with video cams on the campaign trail. Originally hired to cut expenses — their cost is a fraction of a full television crew’s — these reporters, also called “embeds,” have produced a staggering amount of content, especially video. And in this election […]

A Simple Idea, Well Executed

[Courtesy of Sarah Lane] [UPDATE] Looks like there’s a lot of this stuff going on.

No Fancy Coffee For Ford Truck Drivers

[via Cubemate]