Looking For Books In All The Wrong Places

Y&R/San Francisco is conducting a portfolio event this week. But, unlike the video example above, you have to go to them. [via Adrants]

Selling Diapers In A Political Season

In the words of Mark Twain, “Politicians and diapers need to be changed often and for the same reasons.”

Please Don’t Dominate The Rap Jack If You Got Nothing New To Say

The same Ad Age article that I just referenced mentions another brand-sponsored YouTube show called POPTUB. POPTUB purports to offer “YouTube stars, the best viral videos, undiscovered gems, and your favorite celebrities.” YouTube Reviewed doesn’t care for the series. Judging from their videos, POPTUB is about as in touch with YouTube as your mom. Do […]

Behind The Scenes at College Humor

Click To Play [via NewTeeVee]

Episodic Video Is The New Sandbox

Directors and their production companies are starting to offer episodic video to show brands just how rich a space exists between the 30-second spot and a feature film. Undercover Cheerleaders by HungryManTV is a good example of this kind of content offering. Undercover Cheerleaders – Selling Sh*tby hungrymanTV Hungry Man is one of the most […]

F!@#in’ A, Bud Light Wins An Emmy

Congrats to the DDB team in Chicago, whose “Swear Jar” ad for Bud Light has just won an Emmy. We tried this at our office for a little while. I kicked in $10 a week to proactively cover my foul mouth.

Not Exactly A Dialogue

I’m a bit late to this party, but from what I can gather Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions desired to say that “digital media is not about technology but about quality of communication.” So they commissioned a video from Geert Desager, a Microsoft Trade Marketing Manager in South East Asia to Bring the Love Back. [via […]

Office Max Accepts Pennies

The lowly penny gets no respect. But Office Max wants to change that. To get the word out that pennies are currency too, The Escape Pod, on Office Max’s behalf, sent a redheaded man armed with a suitcase full of pennies into the mean streets (and stores) of New York. See more “Penny Pranks” here.

This One’s For You, South Carolina

Behind The Scenes at Pop17

Pop17 is a two-to-three minute daily exploration to track, analyze and understand the new cultural phenomenon of online micro-celebrity. TechCrunch, Virgin America and Perkett PR sponsor the show. The show’s host, Sarah Austin has an extensive Wikipedia entry. The sentence on Wikipedia that got my attention is: In the tradition of Paul Krassner, she sometimes […]