Likeable Business Reads Like A “Greatest Hits” For Marketers Seeking Fans

I’ve come across dozens of books that emphasize the popular wisdom regarding building customer relationships, providing excellent service, creating memorable customer experiences, and using social media to connect with people. But if you need a quick overview of the whole shebang, you’d do well to get Dave Kerpen’s new book, Likeable Business: Why Today’s Consumers […]

Pepsi Next and TaskRabbit Make Time For You


So busy you don’t have time to drink a Pepsi? Then Pepsi Next and TaskRabbit have just the thing. In a new promotion from The Barbarian Group, Pepsi Next is giving away free TaskRabbit services in order to give you enough free time to try “the unbelievable taste of Pepsi Next.” For those who don’t […]

Marketing Lessons From A Trip Overseas (Part 2)


I shared some random marketing observations from my European trip the other day. A few more here: Creative work there is just as mundane as work here. I was expecting sophisticated advertising like you often see on Ads of the World or in Archive. But there’s just as much ads-as-bland-wallpaper everywhere you go. The brands […]

Feed The Agency Troops And They’ll Be Hungry To Work


Anyone who’s spent time in agency life has seen the foosball tables, video games, dart boards, and beer carts that agencies deploy to keep people happy. But what about the eats? Copywriter Deanna Director is chronicling the agency edibles over at Hungry Creatives. Agency folks are invited to submit their agency’s offerings. But is offering […]

In Advertising, All We Can Plan For Is Chaos

Do you have a Flip camera? Yeah, they were huge…for a year or two. But with the way things change these days, you certainly can’t plan for much, can you? Whether our clients are in a technology-related industry, or simply the technology we use to do our jobs, the evolution is happening faster than most […]

They Don’t Make Ads, Or Their Copywriters, Like These Anymore


Read Tom Messner’s great tribute to Curvin O’Rielly. Curvin passed away over the weekend. Some of his more notable work included these Saab ads, done at the Carl Ally agency: They’re clever, convincing, and sell a car most people thought was simply weird. Who would concept these today? Who could write these today? Who could […]

Slicing Up The New Apple Spots

“Steve would’ve killed these.” “Lee oughta know better.” It’s no secret that Apple’s current spots, featuring a typical Apple store “Genius,” are getting panned. I’m not here to pour more criticism on. My question is simple: How did they get these done? By that, I mean: Who approved this strategy? Who thought this kind of […]

Maybe Shell Doesn’t Think Social Media Matters All That Much


The Greenpeace-supported fake Shell website has gained a lot of social media traction this past week. By using Shell’s logo, among other things, the site comes off as pretty slick and its official-lookingness has a lot of people fooled. The site gives people a chance to create their own “Let’s Go” ads like this one: […]