You Could Be The Next “Creative Idol”

The New York Times today reports that Steven Spielberg will join forces with Mark Burnett to find the “American Idol” of unknown movie directors. According to Burnett, the FOX reality TV show, “In the Lot,” will “take advantage of the enormous number of self-made video and film shorts all over the Internet.” Here’s an idea. […]

VCs Poo Poo Mashups

From New York Times: Many venture capital firms are loath to finance mash-ups, in part because they are not readily “defensible,” meaning they might be replicated by others. “The current things people are doing with Google Maps are cute but they don’t add value,” said Peter Rip, managing director of Leapfrog Ventures in Menlo Park, […]

Marketers Losing Confidence In TV Ads, Creatives Aren’t

From Ad Age: More than three out of four advertisers — 78% to be exact — said they have less confidence today in the effectiveness of TV advertising than they did two years ago, according to a survey released at today’s Association of National Advertisers TV Ad Forum. Well, read the rest of the article […]

Nike + Google = World Branding Domination

From BusinessWeek: Nike (NKE) and Google (GOOG), hoping to take social networking to a new realm, have quietly launched the first invitation-only Web site for soccer-mad fans around the world. went live late last week and will soon be running in 140 countries and 14 languages. is a free network where members will […]

Creativity Spikes Sales

“We have a perception that we are not hot, and that perception keeps us from being hot…We have to get a couple of [big] wins, and that perception will go away.” -Pat Fallon speaking to the WSJ Marc Babej thinks the standard for “hot” should be rooted in the only thing that really matters about […]

How To Kiss Client Ass

In Say Anything, John Cusack says he doesn’t want to sell, buy, or process anything as a career. What Cusack means is that he doesn’t want to kiss ass. We kiss ass in advertising. Of course, pretty much anybody who works for a living does. But it’s the kind of ass we kiss that makes […]

More Waxing Nostalgic For “1984″

Over at BusinessWeek, there’s a podcast where Steve Hayden, who wrote the Apple “1984″ spot, talks about all the challenges and controversy surrounding the spot’s creation. Honestly, I haven’t listed to this podcast, so I don’t know if Hayden mentioned that when it was first introduced, the Macintosh was an insanely overpriced, underpowered box of […]

Gold Is So Last Last Century

NYT: The diamond industry has long inundated consumers of bridal jewelry with forceful marketing messages, proclaiming that “A Diamond Is Forever” and dictating that two months’ salary be spent on engagement rings. Now the platinum industry, through an elaborate advertising campaign, is introducing its own message about marriage, complete with a special tagline: “Your Love […]

Separated At Birth?

Neil French & Terrell Owens: Both have recently demonstrated that no matter how talented one person is, you can’t alienate your co-workers or the company you work for by bad-mouthing them in public.

R.I.P. Harry Janavey

Well, I’d never heard of Harry Janavey, but I do think it’s interesting that on the same day that Neil French laments his “death by blog”, Adweek reports on Harry Janavey, a 46 year-old Sr.VP of Initiative Media and his death by heart attack. Let’s keep things in perspective. Neil French will keep pontificating on […]