Old Ads Get New Life Thanks To YouTube And Others

American Copywriter points to this ad for Winston. Never mind the “I can’t believe they got away with this back in the day” factor. If old commercials keep cropping up, can brands that truly want to change their image succeed? Because nearly every brand that’s been around for the last 50 years ago has some […]

Jessica Simpson Is New Cover Girl For Anti-DRM Movement

USA Today is running a story on the clue Sony BMG just got. Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair” went on sale this week at Yahoo Music, and unlike every digital song sold on competitors Apple iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody, it is compatible with all portable music players. The song is in the open MP3 format […]

Here’s A Great USP For Waterfront Property: No Hurricanes!

Over at BusinessWeek’s Hot Property blog, Peter Coy tells of Liberty Harbor, a residential community being built in Brunswick, GA. Brunswick is on the coast, but to make the community really appealing, here are a few of the marketing pitches: “Because it sits nearly 100 miles from the Gulf Stream, Brunswick is in a geographical […]

Coke Mole Ferreted Out

According to USA Today, a woman working at Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta allegedly lifted trade secrets (including new product samples) and tried to sell them to Pepsi for measly sums. But Pepsi wasn’t havin’ it. Three people have been arrested and charged with stealing confidential information about drink recipes from The Coca-Cola and trying to […]

Want To Be The Chief Creative Officer Of A Newspaper?

From Ad Age: In a bold stroke that will be watched closely by the ailing industry to see if he can lead advertisers to rethink how they use newspapers, Brian P. Tierney, best known for running one of Philadelphia’s leading public-relations and ad agencies, is in the market for a chief creative officer for his […]

Once Again, The Cool Kids Are Voting

In a big red box on its site Adweek is once again letting you choose superlatives and not-so-superlatives from among a handful of agencies in various categories. Last year, Grey was the default choice in many of the “worst” categories, which led to the creation of WorstAgencyReel.com. Seems like the same 25 or so agencies […]

Perfectmatch Is Falling In Love With TV

From Adweek: Perfectmatch.com is bucking a trend, moving marketing dollars toward broadcast media as it attempts to compete against better known competitors, according to company president and CEO Duane Dahl. In fact, Dahl said he expects a 65-35 media split favoring television in the next two years, reversing the company’s current 65 percent bias in […]

The Impact of Immigration Rallies On The Ad Biz

If you were one of the people fascinated by last week’s pro-immigration rallies, you’re not alone. Hispanic advertising is booming, and the politics of immigration is definitely impacting the ad biz. Ad Age has more: “This market is being changed,” said Gino Pacheco, managing partner-director of strategic planning at the Vidal Partnership, New York, the […]

Redesigning McDonald’s

For the world’s largest burger chain, upgrading its image requires more than advertising–a whole new look is in store at McDonald’s. BusinessWeek has the inside scoop. “McDonald’s promises to be a ‘forever young’ brand,” says John Miologos, vice-president of worldwide architecture, design, and construction at McDonald’s Corp. “We have to deliver on that promise.” The […]

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