Spotlight On NW Creative: Goat Trimmers

People in the Pacific Northwest have their own way of doing things. Take grass and weed maintenance. In Topeka, you’d just roll out the John Deere and mow that stuff down. Well, Tacoma ain’t Topeka. In Tacoma, they put goats on the job. Hat tip to Whitney Keyes, who writes a Seattle P-I Reader Blog […]

Flaky Use of Blogs, Video and Twitter

Park City Mountain Resort Blog is keeping skiers and boarders up to date on slope conditions–a smart thing to do and an easy to execute social media strategy. For even more timely updates, Park City visitors can turn to Twitter, where the resort’s digital DJ, Eric Hoffman, is keeping the place well waxed. The Twitterati […]

Power To The People

When you go to an agency site, where do you click? If you’re like me, you look at the “Work” and then click the “About” page to learn more about the people who work there. One thing though, the bios found are typically written in lame-o corporate speak. Why not let the people tell their […]

Let’s Talk Money

Compensation for services is a topic we rarely bring up here. Maybe because talking about how much one makes is totally taboo. Given that it is mostly unspoken and absolutely off-the-record when spoken makes this find at sort of interesting. It seems newspaperman Paul Bonaiuto, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Journal […]

Today In Twitterverse: Live Snow Reports

Portland Twitters is a live feed from Portland area residents making updates on current snow conditions. Any “Tweet” mentioning “snow”, “ice” or “#pdxtst” from someone whose location is within 100 miles of Portland shows up in the live stream. The Oregonian is using Monitter to capture and dispense the data.

Pawns In The Game

Was that fun for you? If so, head over to Esquire where Daniel Murphy has complied “The Five Most Terrifying Local TV Christmas Commercials.” [via Daniel Pink]

Feed Your Style Diet

Diet Coke is investing in lifestyle content via their new Style Series. According to Ad Age, the first episode in the series went down like this: Filmed in Times Square, the series debut featured a performance from R&B singer Robin Thicke, the exclusive premiere of Rihanna’s new e-film for Gucci, and an interview with designer […]

A Cup Of Smack Talk

In Seattle, right near Starbucks’ headquarters, McDonald’s makes it very plain how they feel: From The The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Earlier this year, McDonald’s started to promote the launch of espresso drinks in the Seattle market. Will Starbucks respond in kind? Unlikely. While the coffee wars received much media and Wall Street trumpeting this year, […]