Red Trucks Turning Green

Coca-Cola Enterprises chairman John Brock spoke to Knowledge@Wharton about several subjects. One that I want to highlight is the company’s use of hybrid delivery trucks. We’ve got the largest fleet of large-scale, hybrid electric trucks, 142 of them, of any company in the world. And we’ve had ten here in Philadelphia, we’ve got ten in […]

OMG, Clients Don’t Need Us Anymore. Wrong!

Adrian Ho of Zeus Jones, writing in Adweek, sounds the alarm for agencies hoping to profit by developing social media campaigns for their clients. …a growing number of highly respected marketers don’t actually see a role for their agencies in social media. Writing on my blog, Barry Judge, CMO of Best Buy, said: “I do […]


A lot has changed in this business since the turn of the century. One of the most dramatic changes is given voice by Traci Armstrong, the director of talent acquisition at Organic: If you’re creative, it’s expected in this digital age that your portfolio is online. It makes a bad first impression with most creative […]

A Vehicle For Icy Conditions

Quick, what kind of vehicle do soccer moms drive? Okay, that was too easy. Here’s another one…What kind of vehicle do hockey moms (and dads) drive? If RPA has anything to say about it, the answer is a Honda. Honda’s new campaign supporting its National Hockey League (NHL) sponsorship launches Jan. 1, 2009.

Shake Your Twitter Maker

Twitter may be looking for a monetization strategy but some Twitter users have already found one. According to Internet News, one of those users is Dell. Some businesses have discovered that Twitter is an effective way of communicating with consumers. Dell says Twitter has produced $1 million in revenue over the past year and a […]

Super Dog Bowl

Pedigree, which is owned by Mars, will be running a Super Bowl ad next February, but the ad won’t tell pet owners why the brand is superior to P&G’s Iams or Colgate-Palmolive’s Hill’s Science Diet. Instead the ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day will encourage pet adoption. Here’s more from The Wall Street Journal: Pedigree, which has never […]

People Who Fire People Are People Too

Ad Age probably realizes that only the still-employed get the copy of Ad Age that’s being routed in the office, so they’re trying to feel the pain of management: Already beset with worries over flagging income and burdensome expenses, those in the top roles face the unenviable task of letting staff go. And while the […]

The Russo-American Treaty of 2008

I like to see an agency benefit from hiring an outside firm to design their web presence. Newly rebranded Denver agency, Vladimir Jones (formerly known as PRACO), did exactly that. They turned to Culver City, Calif. firm Sisu, Inc. for a new site that helps breathes life into the agency’s new identity. If you’re wondering […]