Fun With Bob Garfield: “Che Guevara in a Jar”

Ad Age critic Bob Garfield says if you like the above commercial you may be a douche bag. Was this conceived during ‘shroom day at McGarryBowen? See, in non-psychedelic reality, Miracle Whip is not a badge of defiance but rather the quintessence of middle-American déclassé, the turquoise pants suit of condiments. To assert the opposite […]

Industry-Specific Blog-Like Media Creations Are Talk of the Town

Simon Dumenco, a.k.a. the “Media Guy” at Ad Age, recently had a conversation with veteran journalist and entertainment-industry reporter Sharon Waxman about her success with The Wrap. I love her insight on what it takes to be successful online (from an editorial point of view). I’m learning and evolving as a writer and as an […]

Big Thinking from Small Shops

Ad Age has recognized some under-recognized agencies in its first-ever Small Agency Awards. Ad Age Editors, Jonah Bloom and Matthew Creamer say, “we had only two categories, Agency of the Year and Campaign of the Year, recognizing that dividing work by medium or discipline now is anachronistic.” That kind of solid thinking deserves its own […]

Relevance Is Cool

AOL marketing execs will increasingly be making their way to 35 West Wacker Drive for advice on resurrecting their languishing brand. Ad Age characterizes the account win as Burnett’s “first (new) major brand assignment in years.” AOL is calling on Leo Burnett USA to help reinvent the brand and give the internet giant a new […]

Ten Minus Six

Crain Communications’ Creativity is now a quarterly, down from 10 printed issues a year. Yet editor Teressa Iezzi says, “We are the architects of our own evolution.” I’m sorry, but print editors don’t draw up their own demolition. She also says, “has in its relatively short life become the industry’s leading creative hub.” According […]

Hourly Employment, Anyone?

March Adness is a seasonal promo from Adweek that pits commercials, not college basketball teams, against one another. The promo is delivered online in a brackets format and is clearly sponsored by Snag A Job, the number one source for hourly employment.

Digital Is

Other than anything written by Brian Morrissey, Adweek’s best offerings of late are guest editorials from people working in the salt mines. Today Spyro Kourtis, president and CEO of the Hacker Group, says he doesn’t see the need to name a Digital Agency of the Year (R/GA again). “Digital” is not a discipline or a […]