The AdPulp Interview: Chris Maley

Chris Maley is a friend, a former colleague and a fellow copywriter making his own way in the world. He’s also a great guy to have beers with or go to a game with, because Chris is good company and he’s one funny dude. He’s got that mischievous Irish gene, as well, which is one […]

The AdPulp Interview: Tom Asacker

The AdPulp Interview is one of my favorite features on the site. I get to ask smart people about important topics of the day in our industry and learn from them in the process. With that in mind, I’m excited to offer you the following interview with Tom Asacker. Tom’s one of the good guys […]

The AdPulp Interview: Luke Sullivan

Luke Sullivan, Copywriter. I somehow can’t imagine his name without the professional designation, given how synonymous the two are. Of course, Sullivan’s more than a Copywriter today. He’s also Senior VP/Managing Group Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin and the author Hey Whipple Squeeze This, one of the more instructive “how-to” books available on the […]

The AdPulp Interview: Tracy Wong, John Schofield and Mark Watson

SEATTLE–It’s a sunny, brisk day. I walk from the Westin toward the touristy Pike Place blocks and keep going down to Western where

The AdPulp Interview: Doug Lowell

Doug Lowell of ID Branding was one of the first people to see my fledgling book back in the spring of 1995, when he was an ACD at AKA Advertising and Saas. He was also one of a handful of people in the business that made an impression on my developing ad mind. So I […]

The AdPulp Interview: Vinny Warren

Vinny Warren, a founder and partner of The Escape Pod, is the man. When he was at DDB/Chicago he helped bring urban slang to the mouths of millions via Bud Light’s now world famous “Whazzup” campaign. At his own agency he’s pulling some equally funny (and effective) “Penny Pranks” for OfficeMax. He’s also been a […]

The AdPulp Interview: Sally Hogshead

I follow the careers of several strong women and in a few cases count them among my closest advisors and most powerful influences. Sally Hogshead exists in this small circle. Her positive vibration and quick mind are obvious bright points. So is her generosity. I hope this exchange will help give you a sense for […]

The AdPulp Interview: Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman is a funny guy in the tough as balls New York City tradition. He’s also an insightful business leader running a 100+ person ad agency headquartered in San Francisco. Hoffman’s had the occasion to visit Portland recently–his daughter goes to school here–and this has led to some great face-to-face conversations over breakfast and […]

The AdPulp Interview: Amber Case

image courtesy of Flickr user, bouldair NerdAbout is a new blog brand from The Discovery Channel. Currently, there are three “Nerds About” in New York City, Austin and Portland. I asked Portland’s Amber Case how she got this gig and other embarrassing questions. She was kind enough to answer. Q. Do you enjoy being thought […]

The AdPulp Interview: George Parker

George Parker is a much decorated copywriter, emerging author and one of the more colorful bloggers in western culture. He resides in Boise, Idaho but his mind and body are often elsewhere. Parker’s new book, The Ubiquitous Persuaders is billed as a “fifty year update of Vance Packard’s book The Hidden Persuaders. According to Wikipedia, […]