Excite The Consumer And The Enterprise Will Follow

Always On Network has an interview with JotSpot CEO, Joe Kraus. Kraus is a serial entrepreneur, having been part of the Stanford alumni contigent behind Excite, Inc. Here are a few pearls of wisdom to consider from the Krause man. I really believe that the world of business software—let’s call it enterprise software—is moving toward […]

Surf’s Up In Estonia

c|net: “It is time to say that electricity and the Internet are very similar in end users’ eyes,” the sandy-haired Veljo Haamer said over a cup of smoky black tea. Haamer, one of Estonia’s unofficial chief geeks, is largely responsible for a level of Wi-Fi connectivity-–even in remote areas-–that puts the biggest cities in America […]

Got Dairy Farmer?

We Make Money Not Art: Farmers have teamed up with scientists to create a farm where the cows choose when they want to be milked using automated booths. The farmer can even go on holiday and allow the animals to look after themselves. “The cows set their own agenda,” said Neil Rowe, manager of Manor […]

Mossberg Says DRM Reaches Too Far

Walter Mossberg for WSJ: In some quarters of the Internet, the three most hated letters of the alphabet are DRM. They stand for Digital Rights Management, a set of technologies for limiting how people can use the music and video files they’ve purchased from legal downloading services. DRM is even being used to limit what […]

WiMax Is EZ In Oregon

BBC: Recent figures suggest that since 2000, the US has dropped from third to 16th among nations worldwide in terms of per capita broadband access. Studies suggest that 86% of households with income of more than $75,000 have broadband access. But the share is just 38% for those with an income of less than $30,000. […]

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Lifehacker is justifiably concerned about random companies hosting personal, mission-critical information. Call me paranoid, but what if Gmail goes down, or Google decides to stop being “not evil”? What if angry project management trolls hack 37 Signals and record my every to-do, building a too-personal-for-comfort profile of my every day activities? What if del.icio.us disappears? […]

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Wi-Fi Spigot Opened

The Register: There is some welcome relief today for those people left wading through the remains of New Orleans – T-Mobile has announced it will offer free Wi-Fi access across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama until the end of the week, and “possibly beyond that if the situation warrants it”. T-Mobile said in a statement: “The […]

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