G-Wizards Dance While The Emperor Feasts

In today’s Sunday Business section, one will find a long article about Google’s “cloud computing” strategy. Google is betting that consumers and businesses will move from being chained to one’s desktop to a more flexible internet-based system of working. cartoon by Tom Bower With the proliferation of mobile internet tools, and the fact that one […]

Santa Chat Goes South In A Hurry

According to Network World, technology is only as perfect as those who build it. Case in point: Microsoft recently added a Santa bot to Windows Live Messenger, so users could insert Santa into their IM buddy list. But sadly, Santa began to waver off topic telling children: “It’s fun to talk about oral sex, but […]

Toothpaste for Dinner

Via toothpastefordinner.com

Daylight Savings Hangs Up On AT&T and Apple Customers

It appears that Truemors may have a scoop. Customers attempting to activate their new Apple iPhones have been receiving “Activations are disabled at this time” errors due to a failed daylight savings patch at AT&T. Apple has deleted forum threads on the activation issues and there have been no reports of the issue in media […]

Will Write Code For A Million Dollars

According to Chicago Sun Times, two-year-old Particiapte Media, maker of Buzz Tracker (which is still in Beta), has been acquired by Yahoo for an undisclosed sum. The price for is rumored to be five million dollars. Buzz Tracker aggregates news, blog postings and other forms of Internet-based content from more than 90,000 sources. Buzz Tracker’s […]

Careful With That Gadget, Eugene

Neil Dingman, a mortgage consultant in Minneapolis and an iPhone owner, was unexpectedly charged $852.31 by AT&T recently. According to Dallas Morning News, Dingman took his iPhone on a European vacation. For the 14 days he was there, he used it only a handful of times and had expected to see just a small increase […]

Science Non-Fiction

Steve Rubel does an excellent job of condensing a somewhat obtuse piece about the future of computing that’s running in Forbes. David Gelernter, a professor of computer science at Yale University, paints a scenario that once seemed out of reach but now feels more plausible given the rising use of rich Internet applications. Gelernter envisions […]

The Dog Ate My Magazine

The New York Times shares a story about Business 2.0’s recent data fumble. On Monday night, April 23, the magazine’s editorial system crashed, wiping out all the work that had been done for its June issue. The backup server failed to back up. The recovery was made much easier, paradoxically, by a bane of modern […]

Convergence Is Converging This Week

Between Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show, both going on this week, we’re going to see a lot of new gadgets, doodads, and gizmos that will combine the power of video with the Internet, along with the services that will sell them to consumers. Like this bit from Sony: Sony revealed Sunday a system that […]

Holiday Gift Help

AdPulp readers, I need some help finding a Nintendo Wii for a client. Just the basic $250 Wii Console. No fancy extras, no fancy bundles, no premium gray-market pricing. For your troubles, a rare, limited edition AdPulp.com t-shirt, and a promotional plug for you or your agency. drop me line on the tips line (tips@adpulp.com) […]