Ubuntu Sounds Like “Up Yours” In Europe

The French are fun people. They make lovely wine and food, they climb mountains and frolic at the sea. But don’t get on their bad side, because they’re also a proud people and nationalistic, as well. For a variety of reasons, Microsoft, is on their bad side. Ashlee Vance of The New York Times writes: […]

Set The Net Free!

Let’s talk infrastructure. Is there any doubt that the nation’s citizens and small businesses would benefit greatly from a basic free wireless internet service? According to The Wall Street Journal, outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin has little doubt in his mind. In fact, he’s pushing for action this month on a plan to […]

Commercials Are Strong. Even DVRs Can’t Take Them Down.

From an ad man’s perspective, DVRs are the bane of TV’s existence. According to The New York Times, 27% of American households now own one of these hideous devices and use it to fast forward through commercials. Can you imagine? Here’s the thing with a DVR though…you have to watch the screen to know when/where […]

FCC Intent On Closing The Digital Divide

The FCC, at Chairman Kevin Martin’s urging is paving the way for a nationwide network that will offer free wireless connectivity, according to The Wall Street Journal. Wireless companies and some lawmakers have raised concerns about the plan, because the proposed auction rules appear to favor M2Z Networks Inc., a Kleiner Perkins-backed start-up that originally […]

Software Developers Are Hooked On Iterations

TechCrunchIT has a thought piece by Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com, wherein he makes clear his vision for Web 3.0. Web 3.0 is about replacing existing software platforms with a new generation of platforms as a service. To put Web 3.0 into perspective, we need to look at all of the major waves […]

IT Meltdown Wreaks Havoc in San Francisco

The Guardian is reporting that Levi Strauss announced a 98% drop in second quarter profitability and a 19% decline in US sales. The culprit, other than tight-fisted consumers, appears to be the company’s IT operation. A software disaster stopped all product deliveries in the US for seven days earlier this year. David Bergen, Levi’s chief […]

In the Long Time Coming Department

According to Internetnews.com, Google and Yahoo spiders will begin to crawl sites built with Adobe’s Flash. “Improving how we crawl dynamic content will ultimately enhance the search experience for our users,” said Bill Coughran, senior vice president of engineering at Google. Google will be going live with the new SWF indexing technology this week, while […]

The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

Agency Spy points to the “fascist regime” north of the border that would dare to limit Crackberry addictions among its workforce. According to Newswire.ca, Frank Palmer, chairman and CEO of DDB Canada, has issued a new company-wide policy that discourages staff from using their PDAs and other mobile devices, like BlackBerries and cellular phones, during […]

One Little Password For One Gigantic Interweb

According to Wired, Yahoo’s adoption of OpenID is a huge victory for the OpenID foundation. Until now, despite support from larger sites like AOL and Plaxo, OpenID has remained largely a tool of the geek-elite, but Yahoo’s announcement is set to change that since it provides even those Yahoo users who’ve never heard of OpenID […]

CTOs Worth Their Weight In _________

Fred Wilson, a.k.a. “A VC” on the need for a great Chief Technology Officer: Great managers are hard to find in any line of work. But managing developers is even harder. The better the developer the harder they are to manage. I assume its a bit like managing high maintenance entertainers. The best developers are […]