South By Web Celeb Fest Is Wearing Thin

South By Southwest Interactive wrapped up on Tuesday, and there’s mixed opinion on the conference’s enduring value. Jolie O’Dell, who just announced she is leaving her job at Read Write Web, says SXSW sucks and she won’t be going back for more. This year, I spent most of my time trying to avoid being harassed, […]

You Can’t Fool Brother Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk was prank called at 5:00 am while in Austin for SXSW. Listen to how he handles it. The dude is quick. Vaynerchuk says, “What I think is interesting here is we now live in a very transparent world and every interaction maybe recorded. The question is, if I handled this differently would it […]

SXSW Can Be Overly Social Even For The Most Social

I feel Brogan’s pain here. No one wants to be used. Plus, the whole idea of limited access (to a party in this case) runs counter to one of the Web’s main attributes.

Foursquare v. Gowalla — Just One Drama Playing In Austin This Weekend

The Wall Street Journal addresses the buzz around location-based services at SXSW this weekend. According to the Journal: Foursquare, which launched last year at SXSW, has 16 new badges that users can collect as they check in at different places around Austin. The service updated its iPhone app in time for the conference and has […]

Great Concepts Demand To Be Built (It’s Like There’s A Real Seed In the Idea)

Microsoft’s needed a way to showcase its Expression Studio and Silverlight products and sell them as integral to the creative process. So they came up with the PhizzPop Online Design Challenge and PhizzPop Tour. When the tour came to Minneapolis, Zeus Jones stepped up and won the local competition, a fact which led them to […]

Stop Being So Smart All The Time

Patricia Martin, writing in Ad Age, recalls seven “unthinkable ideas” from SXSWi 2009. I especially like is Kathy Sierra’s insight into the knowledge economy. Make the consumer brilliant. “Don’t bother trying to get them to think you’re brilliant,” said Kathy Sierra, cognition expert and game developer, whose keynote was one of the most heavily blogged […]

Geeks & Freaks

I’m not in Austin for South By this year. But there are plenty of people to take my place. Last year, 12,651 people registered for the Music category; 6,675 people registered for Film; and 9,051 registered for the Interactive portion. This year, though, spokesperson Elizabeth Derczo says Interactive is expected to beat out Music. It’s […]

Live from SXSW c/o BlogTalkRadio and PepsiCo

BlogTalkRadio and PepsiCo are teaming up to bring those of us not in Austin this week (or those too hung over to make it to a panel) some of the proceedings. Pepsi marketing execs are also blogging the conference. And the brand is providing PepsiCoZeitgeist, a Twitter visualizer. John Bell of Ogilvy notes, “while other […]

Bogusky, Boulder & Bikes

Alex Bogusky was in Austin on Friday to talk about B-cycle, a new bike-sharing venture from Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Humana and Trek. All three companies share one common goal: positive cultural change. It’s estimated that the U.S. could save 462 million gallons of gasoline a year by increasing cycling from 1% to just 1.5% […]

Know Where Your Shizzeeps Are

Twitter’s great and all but the Technorati needs to feast on a new dish. You know how it is. According to AppScout, Four Square is the entree of choice at the South By Southwest/Interactive this year. This year’s breakout story is sure to be a social network called foursquare, from the guys behind the now-defunct […]