Refresh Everything, Including Your Browser

Pepsi’s decision to avoid running Gatorade, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew spots during the Super Bowl and to instead concentrate on a social media campaign with charitable giving at its center, seems to be working wonders. Atlanta Constitution Journal reports: According to Nielsen Co., PepsiCo is getting more attention on the Web than any […]

Be A Man, Drive A Dodge Equipped With FLO TV

Did you notice the hen-pecked male theme last night? If not, take a second look. Share

Awesome + Awesome = Awesomer

This is one of my favorite spots from last night. It’s the perfect product combo to advertise during the Munchie Bowl, and it’s hard to turn away from humans pretending to be Sea World dolphins. Share

A Lady’s Brand Wants In On Man’s Game

How do you get men to use Dove? Naturally, you must convince them it’s okay to do so. It’s no easy task, of course, so I’m not surprised to see this spot fall short. The spot asks, “Now that you’re comfortable with who you are, isn’t it time for comfortable skin?” Even if I answer […]

The Donny Says That’s Not What Advertising Is

Appearing this morning on the Today show to talk about Super Bowl commercials, The Donny says he doesn’t understand the need for all the buffoonery. He wants to see smarter work than he saw last night, which is likely a popular opinion within the industry, but one that does not concern the typical viewer. What […]

Tiger’s Search

The Google spot that captured lots of attention last night has apparently been on YouTube for a while. And so has this parody from Slate: Share

Dr. Pepper Brings Little People To The Big Stage

Dr. Pepper really places an accent on “little kiss” with this Super Bowl spot. Little Kiss, it turns out is a real cover band. Check ‘em out. Share

Super Geekery Bowl

Additionally, Intel wants to know what is your core moment? Share

Thirst Inducing Advertainment


Based On Their Super Bowl Commercials, Would You Rather Drive A Kia Or An Audi?