Look To The Field For Long Lasting Brand Value

With all the focus on today’s Super Bowl commercials, it’s easy to lose sight of the real reason for the mass audience. NFL Football. Thankfully, my friend Charlie Quirk, an account executive at Overland Agency in Portland, published a piece on his site and Bleacher Report about how both the Green Bay Packers and the […]

Chevy Puts The Hammer Down On Super Bowl Sunday

Chevy is running 11 Super Bowl ads today. Here’s a handful for your pre- and post-game enjoyment: Previously on AdPulp: Super Bowl XLV Commercial: Hot For Teacher

Super Bowl XLV Commercial: Chimps!

Note the Nebraska license plates at the end of this spot. Was this Super Bowl commercial shot in Omaha?

Super Bowl XLV Commercial: Test Baby

Why rent a home with HomeAway.com for your next vacation? “Because hotels hate your guts.” I like copy that bites, and the above line is a juicy bite, even though it’ll be hard to hear that line over all the loud conversations at today’s Super Bowl parties.

Super Bowl XLV Commercial: Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Her A Mercedez-Benz

Diddy and Janis is kind of a strange mashup. But I like all the pretty cars.

Super Bowl XLV Commercial: 12,568,824 Views And The Game Hasn’t Started

And coming in with 2.5 million pre-game views on YouTube, Whoa, Black Betty. Nice work, Deutsch.

Super Bowl XLV Commercial: Focus On The Screen And Relax

This Sunday, CompactConspiracy.com will conduct a Mass Deprogramming of unprecedented scale. The Deprogramming will take place during the third quarter, following a halftime littered with more car propaganda (advertisements) than ever before. Agency: innocean

Super Bowl XLV Commercial: Hot For Teacher

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Super Bowl XLV Commercial: Kia’s 60 Second Action Adventure

Kia Motors America unveiled its new 60-second Super Bowl commercial online today in advance of the spot’s television debut in the first quarter of Sunday’s big game. Created by David&Goliath, “One Epic Ride” demonstrates the extreme measures people will go to get their hands on a midsize sedan with a combination of striking design, exhilarating […]

Care To Engage In Some Pre-Super Bowl Ad Hype?