Super Bowl Spots Don’t Need To Induce A Transaction To Work

Adweek created a new Super Bowl blog and recruited several luminaries from Adlandia to contribute to it today. One luminary, direct marketing guru Seth Godin, (who coined the term “permission marketing” ) says today’s media game isn’t about “selling anything, per se.” Instead, it’s about creating a short little movie that spreads. Yes, it’s permission […]

Super Bowl Ad Lineup

Need a guide to today’s Super Bowl ads? USA Today has one (broken down by brand name). As you can see, A-B has nine spots running during the game. That’s over $20,000,000 in jacked up CBS airtime. Share

Super Bowl Losers Second Life in Sierra Leone

What happens to the t-shirts of the team who loses the game tonight? That’s easy. They get shipped care package style to third world countries. The New York Times sheds light on this uniquely American brand of philanthropy: The other set of championship gear — the 288 T-shirts and caps made for the team that […] Traffic Surged 594% On Strength Of Super Bowl Media Buy

BL Ochman wrote the following text (all I did was write the headline): Never mind not integrating their campaigns with new media, several advertisers didn’t even include a URL in their multi-gazillion-dollar Super Bowl commercials! That’s completely ridiculous in light of comScore Networks research showing that some advertisers, led by Budweiser, saw huge spikes in […]

How To Waste 5 Mil In 60 Seconds

Barbara Lippert: Let’s start with the lowest of the low: Talk about a $5 million vanity project (so bad they had to run it twice). This complete mess was what it took Bob Parsons 14 tries with ABC to get through—a bunch of cliché-smarmy boy executives rehashing the wonder of last year’s GoDaddy commercial? […]

Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Lewis Lazare also liked the Fed Ex “stick” spot from last night’s big game. But Lazare loses me soon thereafter, as he believes the Escalade spot, and the Ameriquest Mortgage hospital spot are “touchdowns.” Ameriquest’s key message, “don’t judge too quickly” does come across loud and clear in the spot, but I question the appropriateness […]

Super Bowl 40–A Commercial Occasion

[Pre-Game Pre-Ramble] USA TODAY provides a list of Super Bowl ads, complete with a one-line synopsis for each. Some of the spots don’t sound too good. Ameriquest: Patient’s family walks in on medical misunderstanding. Budweiser: Sheep is a big fan of big game. CareerBuilder: Chimps celebrate strong sales quarter. Gillette: Five-blade razor is a top […]

Super Spots On Replay

Salt Lake Tribune: Football fans have always enjoyed watching replays, especially during the Super Bowl. Now they will be able to watch replays of the Super Bowl’s commercials, among other special treats. New technologies are changing how marketers are approaching the game – typically the biggest day of the year for Madison Avenue. The roughly […]