How Do These Hacks Get Anywhere Near A $3 Mil. Super Bowl Spot?

After watching last night’s run of commercials, Paul Venables was not impressed. Now the San Francisco ad man is calling for a creative New Deal. An armistice in the battle being raged in American homes every Super Bowl. A peace accord in the war over garnering cheap laughs. Let us lay down our loveable chimps. […]

Ride A Dolphin To Your Dream Job In Lala Land

Vinny “Whazzup?” Warren named Career Builder’s spot best of show last night. Then, in an exchange with Dr. Wolk on the subjective nature of judging, Warren wisely adds “…well the thing is that we’re really just judging entertainment really. so it’s not that surprising. plus, it’s a chemical reaction in a way. part of it […]

And The Winner for “Best Copy In A 2008 Super Bowl Commercial” Goes to Hulu

This spot made very little impression on me last night. But this morning I like it. And there’s good reason for this. Last night, I was at a party. I couldn’t hear the commercials very well. It’s something brands might want to keep in mind–to make an impression during the game, go visual. The spot […]

I’d Love To Send Flowers To This Brand’s Funeral

I only have one comment from all of last night. This was wretched: flowers – florists – flower delivery You want to order some fresh flowers? Fine. It’s very simple. You can go to and choose the “florist delivered” option. Works every time. Screw these guys.

It’s Not Science, It’s A Press Release

Frito-Lay grabbed the top spot in USA TODAY’s Super Bowl Ad Meter for the first time. Frito-Lay’s Doritos ad featuring an office worker using a crystal ball to free Doritos was the most popular, according to USA TODAY’s Ad Meter. Volunteers gave the ad a score of 8.46 (on a scale of 0 to 10). […]

May You Stay Forever Young With Pepsi

On behalf of Pepsi, Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas worked up bumpin’ new rendition of Dylan’s classic, “Forever Young.” Look for the full song to appear on iTunes soon. Hopefully, the iTunes rendition comes without the tag, “every generation refreshes the world.”

MacGruber Is Top Rankin’

Pepsi finished the night strong with MacGruber. You’ve got the Saturday Night Live skit, an 80s hit TV show and the star from that show, splashy graphics, a catchy tune, plus an inside joke about product placement. Well done.

Super Scroll

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