A Stick In Bud Light’s Eye

Miller Brewing took out a full page ad in USA TODAY today to congratulate A-B. This is what it says: Dude! Did you really spend $18 million on the big game? Congratulations on your USA TODAY Ad Meter success, Bud Light. This certainly calls for beer. An award winning beer. A beer with more taste […]

Welcome to Perfectville, Population 1

See RBK for behind the scenes action and Super Bowl XXLII gear.

Go (See Danica Patrick Undress) Daddy

GoDaddy makes a habit of making Super Bowl commercials that don’t air during the Super Bowl. The spot that did air last night promised viewers more if they’d just click over to GoDaddy.com. According to Ad Age, a record two million people took the GoDaddy challenge. “For us, because we’re an internet company and we […]

Earth To Ad Peeps

Check out Bob Garfield’s Monday morning lead: And advertising people wonder why the public views them with contempt. The industry’s annual showcase Sunday featured commercials that peddled soft porn, sold soda pop as a drug, trivialized charitable causes, ridiculed ethnic Americans, terrified small children and contemplated running over a sissy with a car. Garfield makes […]

Football Triumphant

For once, the big game was much much better than the commercials. Some second half ad rankings… Winners: Cars.com “head shrinker” Vitamin Water “Shaq horseback” Hyundai “reveal” Bud Light “Will Ferrell” Amp Energy Drink “nipple charge” Losers: Ice Breakers “Carmen Electra” E*Trade “baby talk” One of the best spots I saw tonight was a local […]

1st Half 1st Impressions

Winners: Bud Light “cheese wheel” FedEx “pigeons” GMC Yukon “myth of Sisyphus” Garmin “Napoleon” Losers: Toyota “badger” Bud Light “foreign accents” Pepsi “Justin Timberlake promo” Doritos “mousetrap”

Stock Tip

According to The Wall Street Journal, research from the University of Wisconsin suggests that shares of Super Bowl advertisers tend to outperform the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index in the week after the game.

Pepsi To Tell Deaf Joke During Super Bowl

It’s time to start talking about Super Bowl commercials again. I’m pleased to start that process this year with PepsiCo. Their new production, “Bob’s House,” will air during the big game. It’s a spot where many, especially at a loud party, may think someone hit the Mute button. But they would be wrong.

R.I.P., Robert Goulet

Singer Robert Goulet dies in Los Angeles at 73.

Wieden To Make Job Site Look Good On Super Bowl Monday

In a sign that the more things change, the more they stay the same, Ad Age reminds us the degree of emphasis some brands place on running a winning Super Bowl spot. After a messy split with its previous agency, Cramer-Krasselt, CareerBuilder.com said it has handed its $60 million creative advertising account to Wieden & […]