Elite Runners and Their Shoe Brand Schooled By A Teacher

Elitism sucks. It doesn’t matter where it’s found, it sucks. Arien O’Connell, a fifth grade school teacher from New York, found it on Sunday when she finished this year’s Nike Women’s Marathon, with a time 11 minutes faster than any other runner. Yet, she was not declared the winner because she was not registered as […]

The Face of The NHL Brand

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is sometimes called “The Next One” by fans. It’s a flattering reference to “The Great One,” a.k.a. Wayne Gretzky. “He’s their LeBron,” said Bruce Jacobson of Young & Rubicam, the advertising agency that created the N.H.L.’s new star-centric campaign. In addition to Crosby, ads will feature Patrick Kane of […]

Blogging Gets Its Turn At The Plate

Major League Baseball is spending $65 million this fall to advertise its postseason action, according to The New York Times. When Major League Baseball was looking for a pitchman last year for the postseason, it turned to the social networking site MySpace and found that Dane Cook, the comedian and actor, had a lot of […]

This Looks Like A Fun Account

New creative from RPA in Santa Monica: p.s. The college football season kicks off this weekend. I hope you’re ready for it.

NFL Stars Make V-Formation for Reebok’s Speedwick Performance T-Shirt

[via Tim Nudd at Adfreak]

Actually, Basketball Is Fake And Pro Wrestling Is Real

I’m not an NBA fan, but this Ad Age story is wild: According to a new survey of 907 people released exclusively to Ad Age today, more than one-third (37%) of respondents believe that the National Basketball Association somewhat or very likely alters the outcomes of its games. The YouGovPolimetrix Omnibus Poll found that among […]

Barkley Pedals A Lifestyle

Barkley is sponsoring a bike racing team to the tune of $50,000, according to Stuart Elliott. The goal of the agency’s stake in the Hincapie Barkley development team is meant to deliver experience in sports marketing as well as access to consumers who are young — or young at heart. “It’s a great way, a […]

The Show Must Go On

According to TV Week, television execs are not sweating the news that Major League Baseball players use steroids. Last season, baseball had record attendance and revenues and ratings were also up sharply. “Major League Baseball fans are extremely passionate and we do not feel the report will change that. We look forward to our continuing […]