Drinking Really Is Social

You know social networking has jumped the shark when brands like Mott’s start to lampoon the format. [via Adfreak]

Car Tee Yay Kicks It On MySpace

According to Marketing Daily, French jeweler and watchmaker Cartier has chosen to kick off an online campaign for its latest collection, Love by Cartier, on MySpace. “Blogs, group(s) or individual Web sites are no longer the signs of a new era, but are an established reality for a whole new generation,” said director of international […]

Rupe Belittles Facebook In Cannes

When your brand is number one, never acknowledge the runners up. This is a long-standing rule of marketing. But one that Rupe willfully broke at Cannes. According to Brian Morrissey of Adweek, Rupe dismissed the online service as little more than “a directory.” He said the attention lavished on Facebook is not in line with […]


According to Brian Stelter of The New York Times, “the bloom has come off social networking’s rose.” With a new design to debut this week, News Corp.-owned MySpace intends to do something about it. With an eye toward monetization, MySpace is being redesigned beginning Wednesday with a new home page, which will be less cluttered […]

Shiny Objects Can Be Blinding, As Well

Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion has been hyping Friend Feed on his Twitter feed religiously. Now the two most recent posts to his blog are about how wonderful the service is. Hi. My name is Steve and I suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS for short). SOS describes the digerati’s never-ending obsession with emerging social sites. […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Get Thee To An Ikea

USA Today, like many others in the tech press, wonder what Zuck is going to do next. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, asked at the D Conference if he would sell Facebook to Microsoft for $15 billion, said no. “The end goal for us isn’t to sell the company or an IPO. The way we evaluate […]

Savannah Startup Walks Their Talk

I attended an interesting lunchtime presentation today. The Creative Coast Initiative (part of Savannah Economic Development Authority), in conjunction with Savannah social media startup Balaya, conducted a blogger focus group in SEDA’s expansive conference room. First, we dined on Sweet Leaf BBQ, then we heard Ian Bramson, Balaya’s President, explain his firm’s flagship product, tick-it. […]

This Is Not A Good Time

[via Halcyon’s Twitter stream]

MyData Goes AllSpace

MySpace said Thursday it will enable users to quickly share profile data with Web sites operated by Yahoo Inc., eBay Inc. and others. “There’s this concept that social networks are walled gardens,” said Amit Kapur, MySpace’s chief operating officer. “We’re taking those walls down.” MySpace will roll out the new feature in the next several […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Sell Now Before The Game’s Up

Earlier today, Valleywag reported that participation in Facebook’s developer forum is down, most likely due to Facebook’s new restrictions on Facebook-application spam. Valleywag praised these new rules, saying Facebook won’t miss its lousiest apps. Now an executive from a major, well-funded widgetmaker says: Your post misses the point. FB’s valuation is driven by the perception […]