Vox Absorbs Pownce

Breaking news from the mergers and acquisitions department in San Francisco…Six Apart has acquired Pownce. We have been impressed not only with the vision for Pownce but the great work of Leah Culver and Mike Malone and are very happy that they will be joining us. We’re also very excited to welcome Kevin Rose and […]

These Boots Are Made For Talkin’

Paul Brogan, a “sports rapper” from Tacoma connects with young men via his videos. Turns out, Timberland wants some of that action, so the sportswear company constructed a sponsorship deal on MySpace. PAUL BROGAN – MLB WORLD SERIES RAP According to Brian Morrissey of Adweek, Timberland’s partner MediaHub spoke with the top video destinations, YouTube […]

Bacon In A Bottle

Bacon Salt is a fat free, zero calorie, low sodium, vegetarian, Kosher, seasoning salt that makes everything taste like bacon. Bacon Salt is also the focus of Brian Morrissey’s new article on small companies that use social media to their benefit.

Yet Another Facebook Story: Not The Sarah Lacy Interview

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Reach MySpacers Where They Live

MySpace is making display advertising easy for bands, local retailers, or anyone else hoping to connect with an audience on the hugely popular social network. According to Ad Age, MyAds which debuts today allows advertisers to spend as little as $25. The service helps advertisers to upload their creative, choose a budget from $25 to […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Smells Like Money

Quick, what’s a “Friend Feed?” That’s easy, a “Friend Feed” is the digital space where you see what’s up with your community of contacts that use social media. It’s like a stock ticker, but you monitor your friends, instead of companies. Twitter and Facebook both offer this functionality. In Facebook’s case, they went out and […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Inviting Old Media to the Social

Brand managers are wringing their hands right now, saying, “Get me a Facebook strategy, pronto!” Hopefully, their agency partners have one at the ready. The New York Times doesn’t know the likelihood of that, but the newspaper does know CNN–a media company that likely didn’t need an agency’s help–is all over it. This week, CNN […]

Take That, MyFaceSpace

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