Yet Another Facebook Story: I’m Back

A number of months ago I deactivated my Facebook account. It was liberating, and I didn’t give it much thought once the deed was done. But last Thurday at InVerge 2008 in Portland, one of the really smart speakers convinced me to get back on the horse, as it were. Tony Uphoff, CEO of Techweb […]

“Ambient Awareness” In One Corner. “Illusion of Proximity” In the Other.

Clive Thompson looks at social media–Facebook, Flickr and Twitter in particular–and attempts to answer “what’s it all mean?” His well-crafted argument appears in tomorrow’s New York Times Magazine. art by Peter Cho For me the best thinking in the piece comes at the very end. Many of the avid Twitterers, Flickrers and Facebook users I […]

Rich Young “Friend,” Will You Engage? Please!

Jeremiah Owyang, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research summarizes the latest “revolution in advertising” from Facebook. Facebook launched a new product called ‘Engagement Advertisements’ that encourages members to interact with the ads by leaving comments, sharing virtual gifts, or becoming fans. To combat dismal click through rates of traditional advertisements, these features emulate widgets and encourage […]

LinkedIn Goes Hollywood

I generally like the no-frills, mostly business approach of LinkedIn. But today’s New York Times reports that the site is struggling, and may find a bit of a boost in with the Hollywood crowd: The company bills itself as “the world’s largest and most powerful business network” but is known to most people as the […]

I’m Glad I Deactivated My Facebook Account

Faux News is looking for a more “sophisticated” audience on Facebook, instead of partnering with its sibling socnet, MySpace, according to The New York Times. Facebook is “currently the leading social network” worldwide, said Joel Cheatwood, the senior vice president for development at Fox News. “They also have a user that’s a little older and […]

Social This, Social That

Gareth Kay of Modernista! draws the distinction between social media and social brands. I don’t really get the distinction, but I do understand the following passage. It means building brands that are inherently open, generous and want to include you. It means developing communication that lets you join the dots and complete the story rather […]

Drinking Really Is Social

You know social networking has jumped the shark when brands like Mott’s start to lampoon the format. [via Adfreak]

Car Tee Yay Kicks It On MySpace

According to Marketing Daily, French jeweler and watchmaker Cartier has chosen to kick off an online campaign for its latest collection, Love by Cartier, on MySpace. “Blogs, group(s) or individual Web sites are no longer the signs of a new era, but are an established reality for a whole new generation,” said director of international […]

Rupe Belittles Facebook In Cannes

When your brand is number one, never acknowledge the runners up. This is a long-standing rule of marketing. But one that Rupe willfully broke at Cannes. According to Brian Morrissey of Adweek, Rupe dismissed the online service as little more than “a directory.” He said the attention lavished on Facebook is not in line with […]


According to Brian Stelter of The New York Times, “the bloom has come off social networking’s rose.” With a new design to debut this week, News Corp.-owned MySpace intends to do something about it. With an eye toward monetization, MySpace is being redesigned beginning Wednesday with a new home page, which will be less cluttered […]