Double Quarter Pounder With IMEEM

I’ve been hunting tracks on IMEEM, the soc net for music and video lovers, of late. As such, I sometimes see things I otherwise wouldn’t have. Things like this: When you click the McAd, it opens a stream of pop songs. When you land on that page another McAd is there to greet you and […]

Respect The Channel, Or Be Swept Out To Sea

“Social media.” Those two words on a lot of lips today. Gavin Heaton, writing on Servant of Chaos riffs on Gary Vaynerchuck: NOT engaging with your customers via social media creates opportunities for your competitors. And while you may not lose your whole market, you may well lose the high yield, low churn folks who […]

Online In ’09

I mentioned yesterday that I want to see what AdPulp and social media, in general, can do in ’09. My challenges are presently two-fold: A) We own a house near Hilton Head and Savannah that we need to sell or rent, a.s.a.p. b) I need to secure new income streams from a variety of sources, […]

Needed To Power The Inters: Black Swans With Impeccable Taste

Stephen Baker of BusinessWeek looks closely at ThisNext, a social network of shoppers, in his piece on “free labor”. Laura Sweet, an advertising creative director in her early 40s, is at the center of the story. Sweet creates content for free on ThisNext, which profits directly from her labor. Gordon Gould, who runs ThisNext describes […]

Social Media’s Social Order

BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting blog endeavored to discover “voices of innovation” in social media. But “discover” may be too strong a word, since the list they provided features all the usual suspects. Seth Godin, for one, doesn’t like it. Trolling for traffic like this is beneath BW. This was a state of the art traffic trick about […]

Brands Stumble Before They Walk

Alan Wolk was asked by Valeria Maltoni to look into the future and tell us what he sees. I think we’re going to see a lot of brands behaving badly in social media. They’ll behave badly- or foolishly- because they can’t fathom that the one-way conversation is over and that consumers aren’t fascinated by what […]

There’s Always The Off Position

This video has been around for awhile, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet… I love the scarf around the Facebook “f”. And how MySpace says, “Facebook is for nerds. It’s for college goobers who want to make study buddies.”

Yet Another Facebook Story: Republican Army Crashes The Wrong Party

Facebook is no good. Need proof? Just read this lurid copy from across the pond. Gatecrashers turned a schoolgirl’s 16th birthday party into a riot – after she advertised it on the Facebook website. Georgina Hobday’s £1million town house was ransacked by yobs. Among the trouble-makers were a 20-strong gang called the Facebook Republican Army, […]