96% of Teens Are Active on Social Networks

Ad Age, hoping for a New York Post-worthy story, but not getting it, addresses the sexual predator factor on MySpace again. How many advertisers backed out of MySpace last week after it revealed it had deleted the profiles of 29,000 known sex offenders — more than four times the number originally suspected — from its […]

Facebook Fatigue Bogs Digerati Down

Scoble, Calacanis and Om Malik are all writing about “Facebook Fatigue.” So there must be something to it. The again, maybe not. Colin Pape in a comment on GigaOm puts it this way: I think you media pundits are forgetting that most of us don’t have 4,000 people wanting to become our friends, and we […]

LinkedIn Traffic Up 323%. TechCrunch Disses ‘Em Anyway.

How would you like to have a 323% increase in site traffic over the past year only to have TechCrunch question the future of your business? That’s exactly the situation LinkedIn faced yesterday when Duncan Riley asked, “Is it enough?” Is this growth high enough given the rising popularity of Facebook as the social networking […]

Bosses Aren’t “Friends”

[via The Wall Street Journal]

Facebook And Cultural Hegemony

One of the interweb’s most famous academics, Danah Boyd, weighs in on class divisions found in social networking preferences among teens. The goodie two shoes, jocks, athletes, or other “good” kids are now going to Facebook. These kids tend to come from families who emphasize education and going to college. They are part of what […]

One Place For All Your Data

When I was flying last Wednesday evening I started thinking about a tool that would allow users of multiple social networks to manage their content from one place, as opposed to all the individual places they must now log into and become comfortable with. I often say, “If you’re thinking it, someone’s doing it.” And […]

A Random Social Networking Observation

Consider this bit from blogger Seth Goldstein: It is as if in a matter of months, both the high end of LinkedIn and the high-end of MySpace had been absorbed into the Facebook social graph. LinkedIn is suddenly no longer the social network of choice for us chic geeks. Yes, we learned how to tell […]

Branded Communications Must Provide Something Of Value

BusinessWeek offers eight dos and don’ts for marketing a small business via online social networks. Here’s the first: Communications consultant (and charisma coach) Olivia Fox Cabane says that trying to sell your products, services, or yourself when you first meet someone is the fastest way to ruin a networking relationship before it begins. Instead, she […]