Yahoo’s Buying Spree Continues

Yahoo continues to acquire Web 2.0 companies. Today, it’s, the social bookmarking site. According to Tech Crunch, Yahoo now owns the two most important tagging properties on the web – flickr and Greg Yardley speculates that Yahoo paid between $30 to $40 million for the company. His thinking considers that Union Square Ventures, […]

Flickrization Of Yahoo Well Underway

Business 2.0: “I look at Flickr with envy,” Jerry Yang, co-founder and chief of Yahoo says. “It feels like where the Web is going.” What Yang envies is the community of 1.5 million rabidly loyal users Flickr has cultivated and the vast amount of content they’ve created. Of the 60 million photos uploaded to the […]

The D.I.Y. Coffeetable Book

Derek Powazek is stoked about Flickr’s new printed photo books, a product still in incubatory stages. My first thought was, “Man, everyone’s gonna want one of these.” (Of their photos, I mean. Not mine. Besides you, mom. You might want one of mine.)

“Always Stay In Your Own Movie”

Bohemian Cafe, S. 13th St., Omaha, NE (care of Flickr user, Norchas) I’ve been spending more time on Flickr, of late. The experience is a lot like reading blogs, but the content is all visual. Like blogs, people promote what they find most interesting. For some, it’s their self-image, for other’s it’s semi-erotic images, flirting […]