Ed Cotton Wants Action

Ed Cotton of Butler Shine and Stern wants social networks to deliver on the wisdom of crowds promise. Facebook is attracting a ton of people and it’s doing a great job with the basics, but the real “win” is leveraging the collective wisdom and power of crowds to do something interesting; to buy goods at […]

A Safe Place for Pretty People to Play

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is reporting on ModelsHotel.com, a new social networking site that seeks to unite professional fashion models everywhere. On the site, the thin and beautiful can post pictures, videos and information about themselves, find romantic matches and get deals on everything from cosmetic dentistry to clothes. Unlike other modeling-focused […]

Personal Privacy Is So 1999

Perhaps the reason Facebook won’t sell is it’s already owned. By the spooks. [via Desedo] In related news, Hugh MacLeod doesn’t really want to be my friend, or yours on Quechup (a social net with serious boundary issues).

Adweek Does The Social Networking Thing

Adweek magazine has launched At The Roundtable, a new social network for media professionals. Connect At The Roundtable, and quickly communicate with media, marketing and advertising experts and enthusiasts like you. Start now and exchange expertise, develop partnerships, and share ideas. This online community is a private web site where you can meet, build relationships, […]

Yet Another Facebook Story (YAFS Vol. 1 No. 3)

Danah Boyd, Noah Brier and Rob Walker are questioning Facebook’s role in their lives. They’re not alone. Just two weeks ago Om Malik, Scoble and Calacanis conducted a distancing ceremony. Danah explains: I lost control over my Facebook tonight. Or rather, the context got destroyed. For months, I’ve been ignoring most friend requests. Tonight, I […]

Ad Peeps Faces Found

Matthew Creamer of Ad Age spent some time on Facebook for this latest entry into the YAFS* log. Want to send Julie Roehm a virtual beer or lychee martini? Need to connect with Tom Ajello, star of the ill-fated Subway viral-video pitch and famous fist-bumper? Or give Stuart Elliott a “poke”? Then it’s time to […]

Sensational Headline Tops Yet Another Facebook Story (YAFS)

BusinessWeek had the effrontery to run yet another Facebook story (YAFS) with the sorry headline, “Fogeys Flock to Facebook.” I may be over 40, but damn, I am in no way prepared to handle the unbearable weight of that description. So screw BusinessWeek. I could point out, as the article does, how Facebook signs up […]

Kids Interacting Online…It’s A Gold Mine!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Walt Disney Co. is buying the Club Penguin virtual community in a $350-million deal that could eventually be worth as much as $700 million. Launched in October 2005, Club Penguin has more than 700,000 paid subscribers and 12 million registered users, most of them in the United States and […]