First Came Web 2.0. Now Come The Web 2.0 Dot Bombs

While social networking in all its forms has bred a lot of new websites, and media hype to go with it, the beginnings of a shakeout seem to be in order. On Wednesday, Seattle-based Jobster announced it was laying off 60 people — 40% of its staff. Jobster is a job board/career networking site (think […]


Business 2.0 says social networking site LinkedIn is reaching its tipping point. “For many, it’s become irresponsible to not invite business associates into your LinkedIn network,” says Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School who specializes in sociology and strategy. “When that kind of cultural inflection point occurs, which is what LinkedIn […]

Whoah, Social Bookmarking Icons

Social bookmarking is all the rage these days and is a little late to the game. We’ve had some requests, and now we’ve answered. At the bottom of each post, you’ll see six links to add content to social bookmarking services. If you like a particular post, have an account with one of […]

MySpace = Interactive Yellow Pages

Louisville Courier-Journal explores how small businesses can benefit from having a MySpace page. A growing number of Louisville businesses are turning to the social-networking Web site to connect with customers, promote events and, ultimately, make money. Taverns, clothing stores and gift shops — many of them independently owned — are creating virtual profiles of […]

Blazers Blaze Another Trail

According to Internet News billionaire Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, and owns the Portland Trail Blazers is bringing social networking to the team’s fans. Affinity Circles, best known as a provider of private social networks to more than 60 university groups, is going pro. NBA pro. The Mountain View, Calif. software vendor […]

Former MySpace Users Get Real

There have been several stories of late about the majority of MySpace users being over the age of thirty–a fact that has driven away younger users en masse. Today, USA Today zooms in on another reason younger users are fleeing the so-called social networking site. Gabe Henderson is finding freedom in a recent decision: He […]

“The Hub” Unplugged

Ad Age reports on the demise of Wal-Mart’s social networking experiment. Less than three months after launching its quasi-social-networking site aimed at teens, Wal-Mart has shut down the Hub. “The Hub” was designed by Wal-Mart to allow teens to “express their individuality” but it screened all the content, informed parents when their children joined and […]

Linguistics Lesson

Sometimes it’s fun to see what the academics are up to. Since Danah Boyd is the bloatosphere’s academic darling, let’s take a peek at her present concerns. By employing the term “social networking sites,” the media is doing a disservice to most people who participate on these sites. The connotation, especially to non-participants, is that […]

Suits Get Social

Business Week looks at how grown ups utilize social networks online. Corporations and smaller businesses haven’t embraced online business networks with nearly the same abandon as teens and college students who have flocked to social sites. Yet companies are steadily overcoming reservations and using the sites and related technology to craft potentially powerful business tools. […]

It’s All An Act

See the New York Times for the unmasking of an interweb caper.