LinkedIn Gets With The Program

According to The New York Times, business-minded soc net, LinkedIn, is unveiling several new improvements to its site. LinkedIn will encourage developers to use its APIs (application programming interfaces) to build widgets, or small applications. The widgets can, for example, be integrated with a job-hosting Web site to let users see how many connections they […]

Join The Tribe. Exchange Totems.

The New York Times explores the cultural and anthropologic modes found in online social networks. Michael Wesch, who teaches cultural anthropology at Kansas State University, spent two years living with a tribe in Papua New Guinea, studying how people forge social relationships in a purely oral culture. Now he applies the same ethnographic research methods […]

The PG Version of “Sex in the City”

Stuart Elliott of The New York Times looks at how Pepperidge Farm is migrating from the typical consumer packaged goods site to a community site called Art of the Cookie, which purports to offer women social connections through cookies. “We started with this notion of wanting to move our communication with our consumers from telling […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: “Insane” Market Valuation

Publicis Chairman and CEO Maurice Levy called Microsoft’s $240 million dollar investment in Facebook “insane.” He also he termed the investment “unbalanced” relative to the potential advertising value of the social media marketplace. He said the “bloom” was off the “Myspace rose,” and that the exuberance driving investments in online social networks has yet to […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Legions of Brand Fans on the March

If you’re gonna play the soc net game, you need to score high. You know, like Tila Tequila. Numbers matter! Which is why we need to thank Catharine P. Taylor for keeping score. Despite the fact that Facebook turned her away from their big press conference this week, the lady’s a pro and pros keep […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Intimacy Problems

Tangerine Toad believes that sites like Facebook promote an “unnatural degree of intimacy.” I’m inclined to agree with him. So there’s an art director I work with who asked to “friend” me on Facebook. Now this art director seems like a nice enough guy, his office is not far from mine and I say hello […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Friends Selling Friends

Me channeling Mark Zuckerberg: Hey, I know, instead of brands pitching products, let’s get regular people to do it for them. You know, it’ll be like word-of-mouth on crank. According to stories in Ad Age and The New York Times, Facebook’s CEO told a group of clients and press gathered in New York yesterday that […]

MySpace Pushes Its Envelope

MySpace made three major announcements this week—two of which served to underscore a deepening fundamental difference in philosophy from its closest rival, Facebook. The third is a half-hearted attempt to mimic Facebook. 1) MySpace announced Tuesday that it has forged a splashy licensing agreement with Sony BMG—the world’s second largest label—for access to streaming videos, […]