Yahoo! In Focus

USA Today brings some drama to its report on Yahoo’s decision to put all its photo chips in Flickr’s basket. At Yahoo, Web 2.0 has won one battle with stodgy old Web 1.0. Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Photos — for years, the No. 1 or No. 2 most-visited photo site on the Web. Its […]

MySpace Moderation Required

According to Daytona Beach News-Journal, a steering committee, made up of volunteers from businesses and the community, has been meeting since fall tasked with providing a blueprint for Daytona Beach’s future that will preserve the city’s quality and vitality. Recently, the committee set up a MySpace page to improve its outreach efforts, but that move […]

Online “Pigbook” Has 16 Million Users

Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) writer Andy Kessler met with Mark Zuckerberg, 22, of Facebook for an interview at the company’s Palo Alto offices. Kessler tries to hone in on the social networking site’s peculiar “magic”: Users have the ultimate control of who they hang out with electronically, and “only see the people that […]

The Profile Is the Ad

Biz Report looks at the importance one retailer places on maintaining an active MySpace profile. Five percent of the TopShop fashion store’s online traffic was driven from its MySpace profile, five times more than a year ago. MySpace traffic accounted for more than twice as much traffic than was received from MSN and Yahoo Search […]

Fake Tits, Fake Rolex, Fake Friends…

Unhappy with the quality of your virtual friends on MySpace? No problem. You can fix it by subscribing to According to The New York Times, FakeYourSpace will enhance your page with photographs and comments from hired “friends” — mainly attractive models — for 99 cents a month each. Founder of the service Brant Walker, […]

Selling To Your MySpace “Friends”

The New York Times ponders the question: is having a lot of friends on MySpace better than having a record deal? Tila Tequila, who has 1.7 million “friends” on the News Corp.-owned site is about to find out. Her new single “I Love U,” produced by the rapper Lil Jon, will be released on iTunes […]

Consumers Speak. Retailers Listen.

BusinessWeek says retailers are learning from social networking sites like MySpace and are now busy weaving the functionality found there into their own sites. Customer reviews have long been part of cutting-edge sites like and Netflix, but the practice is spreading dramatically these days to a broader array of retailers. By the end of […]

Hugh The Vulnerable

Stormhoek’s Hugh MacLeod has been travelling around jolly old England offering grocery shoppers samples of the South African wine he helps market. Johnnie Moore has some interesting things to say about the activity. It’s all a million miles away from high-powered branding from the top down. You let go of the trappings of high office […]

String Theory 2.0

Tech Dirt is pointing to a neat social media idea from The Economist. They’ve decided to publish, in the form of a blog, all of the letters they receive (excluding ones that are patently offensive). There’s also a comments section for each one, so that the letters they receive don’t just serve as static items, […]

The $10,000,000 Dollar Widget

David Utter, a staff writer for Web Pro News, looks at another Web 2.0 acquisition by Yahoo. Bix. Flickr. Delicious. Webjay. Konfabulator. Jumpcut. SearchFox. They all have something in common with MyBlogLog: a big check from Yahoo in exchange for the companies. MyBlogLog is a social network that lives on blogs, mostly. Many sites, […]