MySpace Makes It Easy

MySpace is introducing a tool that allows advertisers to directly manage their branded profiles on the nation’s most popular social site. According to Ad Age, this is a vast change from the tightly controlled, often laborious process brands previously had to endure to have a presence on the social network. It’s also a reaction, MySpace […]

AOL Can Play That Game

According to Associated Press, AOL is paying $850 million for an online hangout popular in Europe. Bebo is one of the largest social networks in Britain, is ranked No. 1 in Ireland and New Zealand and has a global membership of more than 40 million. In the United States, however, it ranks third behind MySpace […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Poke This!

[via Adscam]

Please Hold, Our CEO Is Updating Her Spacebook Page

Tim Brunelle is calling for executive-level participants in this Participation Age thingamajiggy. It’s not enough to trot out the resident one or two social media experts inside the agency, and have a pleasant forced laugh around how “the kids” in your agency are “participating.” I truly believe the CEO, President, Chairman, CFO, CCO, ECD, Head […]

Social Media Skills Are Generally Lacking

According to Brian Morrissey at Adweek, the agency business has miles to go before it sleeps. TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony polled more than 60 marketers in North America, France and the U.K. to gauge how they are faring navigating the world of social media. It asked them feedback on their agencies’ abilities to help. TNS found, […]

Knowing Where To Drill Is Key. Knowing How To Drill Is Also Good.

One of my favorite bloggers, Scott Karp, is at it again. He’s eloquently addressing the things I’m thinking about and working on in a way that shines light precisely where I need it, when I need it. Yes, Karp’s that good. I think you’re going to see more social networking sites go vertical, but they […]

Soc Net Fatigue Sinks Click Rates

The Web self tends to be a marketed version of the real thing, more an example of how thoroughly we’ve all internalized the branding process than an outbreak of revelation. –Rob Walker in Fast Company Spike Jones at Brains on Fire picks up on Walker’s FC piece on online identity and has this to add: […]

RU n The Biz?

Yesterday, Variety, in association with Jobster, launched The Biz, the first social networking website for the entertainment business. The Biz seeks to serve as on online community for media professionals who can, among other things, search for jobs, pitch projects and exchange ideas. It also will serve as a venue for job recruiters who will […]