Yet Another Facebook Story: Legions of Brand Fans on the March

If you’re gonna play the soc net game, you need to score high. You know, like Tila Tequila. Numbers matter! Which is why we need to thank Catharine P. Taylor for keeping score. Despite the fact that Facebook turned her away from their big press conference this week, the lady’s a pro and pros keep […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Intimacy Problems

Tangerine Toad believes that sites like Facebook promote an “unnatural degree of intimacy.” I’m inclined to agree with him. So there’s an art director I work with who asked to “friend” me on Facebook. Now this art director seems like a nice enough guy, his office is not far from mine and I say hello […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Friends Selling Friends

Me channeling Mark Zuckerberg: Hey, I know, instead of brands pitching products, let’s get regular people to do it for them. You know, it’ll be like word-of-mouth on crank. According to stories in Ad Age and The New York Times, Facebook’s CEO told a group of clients and press gathered in New York yesterday that […]

MySpace Pushes Its Envelope

MySpace made three major announcements this week—two of which served to underscore a deepening fundamental difference in philosophy from its closest rival, Facebook. The third is a half-hearted attempt to mimic Facebook. 1) MySpace announced Tuesday that it has forged a splashy licensing agreement with Sony BMG—the world’s second largest label—for access to streaming videos, […]

Soc Nets Are The New Epidemic

The New York Times looks at, a social networking site that creates password-protected Web sites for apartment buildings and housing developments. The company, based in Brooklyn, is surviving on the roughly $6,000 it receives from each building that signs up for the service. It does not charge the buildings yearly fees. More than 335 […]

Don’t Be The Last On Your Block To Integrate A Soc Net

Hoping to woo shoppers who say eBay Inc. has lost its folksy appeal, the world’s largest online auction plans to launch its own version of a social networking service Wednesday and is promising other customer-friendly features by year’s end. The “Neighborhoods” feature encourages users to post photos, product reviews, tips and responses — creating a […]

Facebook And Checkbook Not Yet Synonymous

New York Times is investigating whether any of the 4000 applications that have been introduced to the Facebook platform by second parties are making money for their inventors. As far as the paper knows, no one has made a significant sum. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the money from flowing. In fact, one VC is totally […]

Diggin’ User Interaction

“Now that nontech stories have exceeded the tech stories,” says Jay Adelson, co-counder of Digg, “The challenge is on us to provide what our community needs.” What Digg’s users need, says Adelson, are social-networking tools. On Sept. 19 the company is launched a host of new features that might seem more at home on Facebook […]

Unless You’re Reading A Novel, Text Alone Is Not Enough

USA Today says LinkedIn is getting with the picture party. Giving into user demand, the networking site LinkedIn will soon start letting its users post photos with their personal profiles. LinkedIn has long resisted photos, seeing itself as a site for professional networking and job-seeking and desiring to set itself apart from social-oriented hangouts like […]

My Jaw Is On The Ground

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is looking at the battle between two rich as shit companies striving to get even richer, a process which is about to make a bunch of other people–including Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard dropout like Bill Gates–extremely rich. Microsoft in recent weeks approached Facebook with proposals to invest in […]