A Handset For Illustrators And People Who Like To Draw

According to Trend Hunter, Samsung and social media agency Jam teamed up to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note, a smartphone-tablet hybrid device with an advanced ‘S’ pen that allows for detailed drawings and sketches. The “Create My Tweet” campaign features illustrators Rose Stallard, Steven Wilson, Danny Sangra and Natasha Lawill. Here’s a bit more content […]

Facebook Is Where The Shoppers Are, And Increasingly It’s Where The Shops Are


Social commerce is about to explode. According to Booz and Company, social commerce will be a $30 billion dollar opportunity by 2015. Tretorn is one brand that’s busy pursuing the gold at the end of the social rainbow. With the help of Moontoast’s Distributed Social Commerce platform, Tretorn launched a series of social commerce campaigns […]

The Social Media Monthly Brings The Conversation Back To Print


Today at the Seattle Interactive Conference the discussion was focused on all things digital. But among the vendors in the conference hall was a seemingly old school idea: a new magazine, online, and offline, called The Social Media Monthly. Now on its third issue, and available at newsstands across the country, the magazine contains thinkpieces […]

Social Isn’t Corn, So What’s It Doing In A Silo?


While social media is a key part of almost every agency’s offerings, a number of agencies are now launching separately branded and operated social media entities, according to DMNews. Ahead of the curve is shopper marketing agency Mars Advertising, which created Collective Bias more than two years ago to tap the power of bloggers and […]

The Marketing Opportunity In Social Pales When Compared To Spreading An Idea Virus

Socialistic CEO Colleen DeCourcy sat on a panel during Ad Week in New York last week that was hosted by Wired.com’s John Abell. According to Adweek, Abell wondered if the multi-billion dollar advertising business on social networks is sustainable. DeCourcy argued that brands should be using social media for bigger ventures than simple micro-targeting. “Social […]

If You’re Somebody Online, You’re In


Bal Harbour Shops invited people to its Fashion Night Out event last week, but only if they have Klout scores of 40 or higher. Exclusivity is nothing new in our culture, but basing status on a Klout score is. There’s much debate about the value of Klout and social influence, in general, but let’s look […]

Chris Brogan Isn’t Following You, But It’s Okay


Chris Brogan is a popular dude in certain circles. Ergo, he’s also a popular target for SPAM. To rid his Twitter feed of the unwanted appeals and outright trash, Brogan unfollowed everyone he was following– some 131,000 people. His observations about the unfollowing are worth noting: Many people wrote me fairly passionate statements as to […]

Seven Unwritten Rules of Social Media c/o Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty is an entrepreneur, author and speaker based in Silicon Valley. He also contributes to American Express OPEN Forum, where I found this gem. Seven Unwritten Rules of Social Media 1. Connection does not imply permission 2. Access does not imply entitlement 3. Activity is not productivity 4. More is not better 5. Reciprocation […]

Like Climbing Walls, REI Brings Social Media Marketing Inside The Store


MUKILTEO—Jordan Williams, Manager of Digital Engagement at REI, is in front of a packed house at BlogWell, north of Seattle, to share what the company has been doing to bring social media marketing down from the corporate level to the store level. Explaining why this is important for REI, Williams says, “Customers feel strongly about […]

Cap’n Crunch Was Out To Sea, But He’s In Social Waters Now


MUKILTEO—Boeing’s Future of Flight Museum is a rich setting for a gathering of social media marketing activists, advocates and practitioners diligently working to get their own projects off the ground at some of America’s largest companies. Welcome to BlogWell, a half-day conference of social media case studies, presented by SocialMedia.org, a corporate membership organization and […]