Need A Diversion? Try Social Media!

Fallon’s Skimmer story got picked up by the Minneapolis press. BTW, Fallon laid off 18 people, or 9% of its MN-based staff yesterday.

Ads Were Primitive Then

Ad Age sees similarities between 1938 and today, particularly as expressed in the pages of Fortune Magazine. Rising unemployment. Weak economic activity. Competitive upheaval. Technology transforming work and play. Revolutionary changes in the media world. An uncertain international environment. Yup, times were tough in 1938. The Ad Age piece also features several self-promo ads from […]

AdPulp At 54 (Months)

The simplest thing you can do to increase your traffic is write more. -Skellie Skellie is a blogger, writer, occasional entrepreneur and sometime freelancer. She’s identified five content strategies employed by top drawer bloggers. They are as follows: 1. Long, Deep and Less 2. Every Day, Without Fail 3. A Lot of a Little 4. […]

Perfecting The One Sheet

I’ll never tire of showcasing well written long copy. It’s not something one sees much of today, but when it works it works. And Ground Zero knows how to work it. Here’s the sum total of their newly undesigned, non sticky Web site: I love how it ends. “Imagine where we’d be if we’d had […]

What Content Can Do For You

Because I’m looking for work right now, I need to explain what it is that I do in plain terms. It can be difficult to do. Brands may not know they need a strategic content plan for the social space. Hence, their agency doesn’t know it either. That’s why my elevator pitch has to be […]

Self-Promo Ad #6

While AdPulp itself is clearly a showcase for a certain type of writing that I do, sometimes people ask to see my traditional portfolio. You know, ’cause they might need my help someday making print ads, point-of-sale materials, micro sites and the like. Sometimes people also ask to see my traditional resume. Other entries from […]

Please Go Away (For A Day)

The Portland Egotist is alive and kicking. So don’t look here, look there. By the end of the day, there will be a collection of 10 posts about Portland’s perfect climate for creative pursuits.


Henry Jones at Web Design Ledger is fascinated with great looking business cards. So much so he revently launched a new site called Card Observer. Card Observer showcases only the best business card designs. They do this for a couple of reasons: to shine the spotlight on the talented designers who create these beautiful cards, […]