Shop Your Screens For Bruise Free Cyber Monday Deals

cyber_monday shoppers

Today is Cyber Monday. Online sales could reach $2 billion today, but that figure is but a tenth of the revenue earned by traditional brick-and-mortar store sales on Black Friday. Walmart alone said it sold 2 million TVs during its Black Friday sales this year. The retailer also sold 2.8 million towels, 1.9 million dolls, […]

Content’s Role In Social Selling And Social Influence


Social selling is the focus of my new feature for The Content Strategist. I describe social selling in the article as the practice of leveraging social networks to enhance lead generation and boost conversions. The point of the piece is to help determine content’s role in the sales process. We already know how content is […]

The Puyallup Fair Offers Fairly Good Sales Lessons


This past weekend, I went down to the Puyallup Fair, which dates back to the early 1900’s and is one of the largest in the country. Amid the rides, games, gastronomic atrocities, and livestock competitions, are hundreds of sellers pushing practically any product you could think of, and many you didn’t know existed. The halls […]

Written A Sell Sheet Lately? Someone’s Counting On It To Help Close A Deal

James Ledbetter of Slate says the nation is experiencing a “troubling disappearance of salesmen” and the “hollowing out of the middle class.” Ledbetter spreads the blame around and he provides a backdrop for the changes. In his classic 1976 book The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, Daniel Bell discussed how sales–and its close cousin, advertising–were at […]